Is Among Us Crossplay? Here’s What You Should Know

Among Us is undoubtedly a huge hit of 2020 whose popularity mainly surged when video game streamers on Amazon’s Twitch service started streaming their games.

Seeing the response that the game got from the users, InnerSloth, the developers of the game incorporated great features within it, one of being crossplay.


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Is Among Us Crossplay?

Is Among Us Crossplay? Here's What You Should Know

Like many other games, Among Us too supports crossplay where you can connect with other players across different platforms.

Setting up a cross-platform is super easy, just send the room code that you created to your friends and you’re good to go. Your friends can then enter the room code from either a mobile or PC. You can find the room code at the bottom of your screen. 

So this is how you can cross-play Among Us anywhere with your friends.

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Can PC players play with mobile among us?

Yes, PC players can play with mobile Among Us and the steps involved to do so are also pretty simple. 

Does Among Us Support Cross-Play?

Yes, Among Us does support Cross-Play and that you enjoy playing with your friends across all platforms. 


Cross-playing games are something that is indeed a common feature and that all the major multiplayer games are including this feature to provide their users with a more immense gaming experience. I hope you’ve now got an idea of how you can crossplay Among Us with your friends. 


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