Italy won’t exclude Huawei from the country’s future 5G network

Italy’s junior government minister confirmed that it won’t stop Chinese telecom firms, including Huawei, to pave the way for the development of a 5G network in the nation, Reuters reported.

Italy won't exclude Huawei from the country's future 5G network
Image Source: NBC News

To jog your memory, the US put heavy restrictions on Huawei soon effectively banning it from attaining services of US Products, such as Google. The US also urged its European allies, including Italy to shun Huawei products as they could pose a security risk.

Industry Undersecretary Mirella Liuzzi said, “Italy must, first of all, protect its national interests. The government should tackle the issue of national safety without being naive, with the necessary precautions but without keeping anyone out on the doorstep”.

The governments who don’t follow, US President Trump cautioned to deny any intelligence from governments that allow Huawei into their networks but given that this is a threat, it’s highly unlikely that the White House could follow. The UK recently refused to ban Huawei from 5G.

The Italian parliament gave a green signal to legislate 5G supply deals between domestic firms and non-EU providers last year. It added that the sector should be strategically important.