JotForm PDF Editor Review

For any company, customer data is extremely important. Customer data gets shared with clients, project teams, and others. So then they can take further steps to offer better service, implement information and so on.

Usually, we do collect customer data using web forms. However, the thing with web forms is that they make the data look a bit messy.

But what if I tell you that you can make your data look simple and publish it in a PDF file in the nicest way possible? Wouldn’t that be great?

Of course, it would be!

Figuring out a professional way to present data to colleagues and customers can be tricky. 

But a solution is JotForm PDF Editor.

What is JotForm PDF Editor?

JotForm PDF Editor

JotForm PDF Editor is a completely free tool that automatically turns collected data into shareable, printable, and downloadable PDF documents.

Also, the good part is that it allows you to create printable, sharable, and downloadable PDF files using the collected form response data.

For example, if your company wants to collect customer information. Then you can use JotForm PDF Editor to create a form and collect data and then you can export the data through a nicely edited PDF file.

It also comes with an easy to use form builder and has the support of drag and drop elements. As a result, you can easily get started with the editor. Also, there are more than 100+ templates to choose form.

Getting started with this tool is also absolutely free, and there is no need to pay for any templates at all. 

To get started, simply create a JotForm account.

Top Features of JotForm PDF Editor


JotForm PDF Editor is incredibly easy to use. With drag and drop elements, zero technical skill is required to build and edit a PDF.


Customizing your PDF with color, front, and branding is a breeze. It’s also easy to modify document sizing and orientation to landscape or portrait. 

Wide range of templates

JotForm PDF Editor

With this tool, you’ll get access to more than 600+ PDF templates. Better yet, all of these templates are free to use, which comes in handy for teams on a shoestring budget.

Electronic signatures

JotForm PDF Editor also allows you to accept electronic signatures whenever someone fills out your online form. 

Password protection

And if you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can add a password to protect your PDF documents, too.

JotForm PDF Editor

Apart from these features, there are also many other perks that JotForm PDF Editor offers, like Annotation, Custom file names, Fillable PDF forms, and more.

Why should you use JotForm PDF Editor?

There is no doubt that JotForm PDF Editor is an excellent solution. Better yet, the tool is completely free to use and perfect for small business owners.

Also, the best part is that with this one, you can create unlimited PDF files, and there are no limitations are available.

It does not even ask you to enter your payment details or requires any kind of sensitive information from you except your email. Hence, the site is a pretty safe option.

However, you should know that JotForm PDF Editor does not support Enterprise’s accounts as of now. But if you are a small business owner or an individual, this could be a great tool for you to collect data and manage them.

Final thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed using JotForm PDF Editor. The amount of features available for free is remarkable and I highly recommend it.

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