Joyoshare Video Cutter Review: Lossless Video Splitter

We all know how expensive video editors these days are, I mean the cheapest and latest version of Sony Vegas Pro (which is one of the best editors out there IMO) is priced something a bit short of $200 and that is, by no means cheap for someone who is just starting out with video editing or content creation. And that is when most people resort to piracy. I mean if you can’t afford it, pirate it.

Nothing wrong with it right?

Morally maybe not. But if we’re talking legally well then there are ramifications we all ignore when we pirate stuff.

Well, today we’re here with something to help out all you content creators who don’t want to burn a hole in their pocket. We’re gonna teach you how you can perform basic edits (such as trimming and merging) on video files without using expensive software.

How exactly are we gonna do that?

With the help of Joyoshare’s Media Cutter. This software for Windows is an extremely easy-to-use video splitter that can be used to trim/merge both video and audio files regardless the format. And that’s not all it does, it can also help you convert or rather extract audio from video files with an inbuilt splitter.

Product Features

Trim audio/video with no loss in quality

Trimming video clips is one of the main features of this software, and boy does it do it well. With Joyoshare’s Media Cutter you can trim video files at up to a 60% faster rate when compared to other software that does the same task. What’s more is that you get to keep the integrity of your source file.

Split or convert audio/video files

With the help of this software, you can convert most of the existing video formats to audio formats like MP3, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, CAF, AIFF, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, M4B, M4R, MKA, AU and ALAC.

Not only this, but you can also convert one video file of one format to the other, like M4V to MP4, AVI to MPG, MPEG to 3GP, 3G2 to MKV, WMV to ASF, H.264 to VRO, OGV to PMVB and a whole lot more.

Merging two video files together

As the title suggests the software can help you merge two types of files together and help you do them at lightning fast speeds, you can also merge audio files with video files and compile the two of them together. There are two modes available for you to use, the high-speed mode and the encoding mode, the high-speed mode lets you pick two clips and merges them instantly, giving you an output instantly, whereas the encoding mode lets you have a bit more control over how you would like to merge the files.

Super Easy to use

The software is genuinely so easy to operate even a 10-year-old will be able to operate it without any trouble! All the functions are super easy to use and all you really have to do is follow the tutorial below and you’ll be up to speed on the product in no time!

How to use the software For trimming

Step 1: Download and install the software

Nothing too fancy here you can download Joyoshare Video Cutter from by clicking the link, they also have a free trial that you can avail if you’re not ready to put in your money without knowing the product first.

Step 2: Add the source file to the software

You can add the source file to the converter by dragging and dropping it right into the converter window.

Joyoshare Video Cutter Review: Lossless Video Splitter

Step 3: Select the segment to be trimmed

Again, nothing too fancy all you gotta do is highlight the segment you want to trim out.

timeline: Joyoshare Video Cutter Review: Lossless Video Splitter

Step 4: Select output format and destination folder

It’s pretty self-explanatory really!

output formats: Joyoshare Video Cutter Review: Lossless Video Splitter

Step 5: Hit the start button

And there is your newly trimmed video file!

How to use the software For Merging

This one is really simple, you just hit the “+” button and select the clips you want to merge in the order you want to merge them and hit start.

That’s all there is to it really!

merge videos

The Joyoshare media converter is a really innovative software that makes editing and trimming videos really simple and easy to do.

What’s more is that it completes editing and rendering your clips in really little time when compared to other software that does the same task. This is something one should look at when looking to buy this product. It not only helps you retain the integrity of your source file but also completely makes the whole task not seem like a task. (People who’ve worked with editing software will know what I’m talking about).

This is definitely something you should try out if you’re looking to find a simple video editor and not looking to burn a hole in your pocket.


  1. Really nice video cutter and editor. Very easy to use, especially for someone like me who is just about to video editing. I will recommend Joyoshare Media Cutter to my friends.


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