Lambda Test Review: The Best Cross Browser Testing Cloud

With the competition now stronger than ever, meeting your deadlines, regardless of the field you work in is sometimes vital, and when it comes to Web Development it is more so. And spending days on days testing your code is no longer a feasible option. Of course as a developer you’d like to have the chance to test out your application and see how it exactly works on certain environments making sure that no issues are left unturned. But again, due to the aforementioned time issues one can ever barely sit down and take so much time out of their development cycle.

This is where a service like Lambda Test comes into play.

An online Cross Browser Compatibility Testing service, LambdaTest essentially allows you to test out all the different combinations of Operating System, Browsers and Browser Versions. This comes in real handy when Web Developers have to sit down and test out browser compatibility for their Web Apps. This service works with not only PC’s but also Mobile phones giving you options of various screen sizes and resolutions for you to test out your Web App on.

Sold out on the idea already?

Wait till you hear about all the other features that come in with this service. Oh, and you won’t even be able to guess what it costs.

Features of LambdaTest

Get your work done quickly and efficiently with the help of various tools implemented.

All your testing starts right after setting up all your different configurations that you wish to test out. This includes browser version, the browser itself and the operating system. After this step you’re ready to start up your live testing service. All the remote browsers that you rent out come with in built in IDE for you to use on the fly. You know for those situations where you don’t have any access to the PC you have all your softwares installed on your “official”  PC.

With the testing, you also receive real-time updates in the form of automated screenshots that the app takes while running the tests that you ask it to take. The outcome is another great feature that inbuilt deserves mention.

No limitations on the platform

With LambdaTest you’re not simply limited to testing out your Web Apps on the PC browsers, because it works with the just as well with the mobile browsers.

Browser Compatiblity Testing of locally hosted pages

This works well because there are literally multiple options for you to test out your web app on. You can test out the app on various brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, LG, One Plus, HTC, Amazon, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, Oppo and Vivo.

Alongside different models you can also test out your web app on different resolutions and see how it performs via the screenshots and screen recordings.

An exclusive issue tracking page         

With LambdaTest you also get a dedicated issues tracking page that allows you to, take a look at all the issues and bugs that your users log in. From the Issue Tracking Page you can easily take care of all the reported bug, sort and filter comments and also reply to the issues logged by the users. This alongside the IDE that comes preinstalled on the PC’s makes bug squashing a super easy task.

With a host of amazing features that make the app really worthwhile, but something that really sells this service to us is the pricing.

Priced at around $15 for a month, with the host of features you receive the price really seems worth it.

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