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Hey everyone, as you know WhatsApp is the one of the biggest chat application with over 200 million active users and I am pretty sure that includes you. In addition to that, it is the most necessary one and we all have our most of the contacts there. Even the person you barely know or it isn’t available on any other socials is available on Whatsapp right?

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Look, Having more contacts and group is nice but don’t you think this makes the place little crowdy and you need to sometime hustle. Don’t worry this problem can be solved by our First trick, so here it goes: –

1) Create a Conversation shortcut

Whatsapp tricks

Now, if you are frequent user to Whatsapp, you may be finding this trouble of opening WhatsApp, finding the person, then entering the conversation. Yea, this can be simplified by that pinning method shown below, but still, it has limitation to 3 chats and more than that it requires opening the app. Now, this is the feature I really like, WhatsApp allows you to create the shortcut of the conversation on your home screen.

To make the conversation shortcut Hold the chat, on the top corner select 3 dots menu then Add chat shortcut. It will be created on your Home screen.

So, if you don’t mind having a shortcut on home screen, this is the quickest way you can do that. And yea it makes your life much simpler, especially at some event. Everyone at some point has an event like a situation where they only talk to some people for a particular time. For example, your friend is helping you to solve problem regarding studies or computer or like you getting the list of groceries you have to buy, so I don’t think you will be opening the app in the middle of hustle in the market instead much better option make the shortcut conversation temporary so it will easier to reach out.

2) Get Old status back

Yea, many of us miss the old WhatsApp status list which is now replaced by stories. Don’t you think there are too much of stories? Like on Instagram, Now latest on facebook and some messenger apps have that too like hike, etc. Some believe that Whatsapp should be what it was meant for like that status showing app. Now that tab where you used to change the status is gone however you can still change up your status here’s how: –

Tap on the three dots icon present on top right corner in WhatsApp.
Go to settings.
Tap on your profile picture.
You will see ‘About’ and ‘Phone number’ Tap there.
Here’s how you can change it. It is back like it was before remembered that “Busy”, etc.

3) Formatting text in Whatsapp

Whatsapp tricks

You must have come across Bold, Italic type of texts that is possible and is really easy. The formatting is not just for decoration but it gives impact to your words you say. Many of the people do not know this trick yet it was since the beginning.

Here are the few uses of formatting text in Whatsapp if you want to deliver some important message that seeks attention in busy WhatsApp group it can be useful as it will look apart and eventually will seek attention. Another very good example which you will find useful is, for instance, you are connected to the group and there is a birthday of a member, now everyone will be wishing the same unless they know this trick. You can easily stand out by using this simple trick, So here it goes: –

For bold use (*), It goes like this, *this is the bold text*.

For italic (_), It goes like this, _this is the italics text_

Strikethrough can be done by  (~), It goes like this, ~This is strikethrough text~

Believe me, it makes an impact to your texts. Do try it yourself if you haven’t.

4) Change Group Notification

If you are joined to lots or group, you may be facing this trouble. Some group has higher priorities and you don’t want to miss their notifications or any messages while others have low priorities and you only go there for fun and no need to get all messages read of that group. So if a notification came you need to manually see which group it is and this thing will be disturbing you all day long and make you wonder if that isn’t the group you waiting for.

This problem can be solved easily by the custom group notification. You can set up different notification for the important group so, as soon as the message comes in that group you will be directly notified and this will help you so much to get with that.

To do that select the group, select group header you will find there option of Customs Notification, select the notification you want to send.
That’s it, now you will have the custom notification for that particular group.

5) Pin the chats

Yes, with the new release you can do. Many times it happens you are chatting few people more often than others and you think they deserve on the top of the list. That will help you to get to them very easily that’s our expectation.

But what happens is when you chat the people they are at the top of the list no doubt, by the time you get chats from the groups, you must be in someone’s broadcast list so that will come up too and especially festival time, no need to explain it’s horrible as everyone just forward the message and your list is completely destroyed. There is nothing like recent chat list.

Now it can be easily solved though it’s still up to 3 people but it worth than ever. Now you can pin your any top 3 people on the top on the list.

To get that feature: –

  • Find the Whatsapp in the play store.
  • Scroll to end and Join the beta program.
  • Open the Whats app and Scroll to the chat you want to pin.
  • Now hold that chat you will see the pin icon in action bar next to delete, mute, archive.
  • That’s it you chat is pinned now and will remain at the top always.

You can pin 3 posts like that after that it will pop small notification which says you can’t pin more. You can find the source here.

There are millions of WhatsApp tricks out there that you can do like as hiding online status, sending a scheduled message, and downloading stories. But, If you’re an official Whatsapp user, then you will not get this features right now. Do you want Solution? Okay let me tell you the solution; Do you know GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus Apk are a mod applications of Whatsapp official with a lot of extra features (Some features already mentioned above.) So, If you’re a techie guy or want extra control on your Whatsapp life, then you should use one of mod application of Whatsapp which are already mentioned above. You can find them by Googling.

Hope you liked this post and got something out of it. Btw shopping season is coming up, right? Here’s you can check out top money saving apps which will save you lot of money on nearby deals and online shopping. Stay amazing.

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