Leaked Photos of iPhone 11 Cases confirm design Change

Apple will launch 2019’s iPhones in just a few days and everything has been leaked, design-wise. YouTubers around the world got their hands-on realistic iPhone 11 models, which show off the ugly triple-camera setup, a first for iPhones. Now, a from SlashLeaks corroborates the past leaks. The new image shows off the cases for different iPhone models. The cases also confirm the presence of the boxy-camera cutout.

Leaked Photos of iPhone 11 Cases confirm design Change
Image Source: SlashLeaks

The leaks also point to the fact that Apple might be focusing on camera upgrades, seeing its Android competitors, especially Huawei and Google smartphones, take better photos – both in daylight as well as night shots. Speaking of the design, it will also undergo change.  The conspicuous ugly camera protrusion, new color and matte glass inclusions for better aesthetics, and the Apple logo’s placement, which is downwards, are some changes one might expect to see transform from leaks to real life.

The reason why Apple decided to move the logo might be to accommodate the larger triple-camera area. Had there been no changes, there wouldn’t be much padding between the bottom of the camera bump and the leaf of the Apple logo. The newer placement of the Apple logo might act as a sign so that users could take advantage of the new iPhone 11 bilateral wireless charging/power share features. Seeing as the current Qi charging coil is centered, the Apple logo would be a perfect match for the alignment.

The cases seen in the photos might give seem like the official Apple cases but they are not. They are cloned-cases which are probably made by Chinese manufacturers with Apple packaging.

Overall, the design has no exciting changes and the camera bump is a bit of a controversial eyesore. But there’s no doubt this design will be the final one. We will see what Apple has in stores for us on September 10.


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