Learn the Art of Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the easiest ways of attracting traffic to your blog. Many blogger use blog commenting to attract more visitors and build trust for their brand. I personally receive 30% of my blog traffic from the blog comment.

But there is an art of blog commenting and it is not random. I am going to discuss the tips you should use to wisely comment on the blog of your niche and create more traffic to your blog.

Remember, not following the rules of blog commenting may result in spam and your future comment will be banned by the blog owner.

Before I discuss any further, let’s understand why we need blog commenting?

Generate more traffic

When you leave a valuable comment on another blog; If people like your comment or view, they visit your blog or website. You can leave a comment on someone else blog with your blog URL and this will give you an opportunity to share your URL with everyone.

Create Personal touch with blog owner

Blog owner loves the comment on their blog. They can notice you easily. They will leave a comment on your blog and share your content if regularly comment on others blog.

Build trust among blogging community

When your comment is valuable, people recognize you as a good blogger. They start following you and like and sometimes even reach your personally. This will give your more loyal subscribers and visitors.

How To Write Perfect Blog Comment

Lets now see how to write a perfect comment for the blog post.

Create list of your favorite blogs 

Writing a comment on different blogs is not a casual thing, so you need to make commenting a routine. The first step is to write down the list of your favorite blogs. You can maintain that in excel sheet. I personally recommend using Feedly. You can store your favorite blogs using their RSS feed. You can always track what articles you read using the feed.

Make sure the list is not too long; target around 20-30 blogs.

Learn the Art of Blog commenting

Write a detailed comment 

Comment has to be detailed. Do not write a comment like a good post, thank you, nice post etc. This is a sign of immaturity on part of the blogger. You will be likely to be spammed and all your future comment will be automatically spammed.

There is also no need to write 100 comments in a day, Even if you write 10 useful comments in a day, that should be fine.

The secret of comment is to share your view. Make sure you read the complete post and then share your thought. Any personal experience or case study will be the best to share. It does not have to be 10 or 20 lines of the paragraph but make sure it is at least 3-4 lines of comment.

Ask question. It is a good habit to end your comment with a question or suggestion to the author.

Learn the Art of Blog commenting

Follow up with your comment. Make sure you follow up with your comment. Writing comment just once is not enough. Make sure you follow up with the question and answer accordingly. The best thing is to checkbox the email alert for the follow-up comment.

Make sure you use primary URL in website section. A user who likes your comment can use this link to visit your blog or website.

Do not use URL in the comment. It is very rare and not required to use URL in the comment. Unless really required, do not use URL. If you use a link, most likely the comment will go to moderation and likely to be rejected or blog owner will remove it.

No affiliate link – Using affiliate link is a big NO. No blog owner wants to have someone else affiliate link in the comment. You will surely be marked as spammed for that. Do not use it.

Do not ask an off-topic question – In conversation thread, do not use discuss or ask the question off topic. Chances are likely that you will be marked as spam. Stay on the topic and share your thought related to it.

No brand promotion – Comment is a place to share your thought and not promoting your brand. Comment is really not a place to promote your blog or business. You will only spoil your brand if you try to do repeat it regularly. Stick to the topic.

Use your original image and name – People love to know by name and face. So use your original image and name; not your business name.

Upload your Gravatar image in case you post a comment using your website link. This will make sure your image will be visible in the comments. In case of facebook or twitter login, select your personal profile.

Do not forget to say thanks – Start comment with thank you is a good practice. Also if someone answers the question, go ahead and thank them.

Your responsibility as a Guest author – When you write as a guest post author, make sure you reply to comments. Remember it is your responsibility and not blog owner to reply to the comments. Follow up with your comments and make sure all question answered.

Some of the people you should follow to learn the art of commenting – Harleena Singh, Philips, Moss Clement, Jane, Nirmala, Ileana Smith, Anil Agarwal

Over To You

Remember comment is one of the source for the traffic to your blog. Even though they are no-follow and will not matter much to your SEO, they are important. It will be considered as a no-follow backlink.

Remember to leave a valuable comment only. Quality and not quantity matter here. You also need to follow up on the comments. A good regular comment will create your brand and attract loyal visitors. Do not ignore the blog commenting and use it to gain followers and visitors.

As usual, I would love to see the comment from you and what you think about blog commenting.


  1. Hi Ravi,
    Good to see your guest post here on 3nions.
    Well, you covered almost all basic things about blog commenting.
    Thanks for the wonderful shout out about philipscom 🙂
    I could very well relate to most of the points you mentioned in this post.
    In fact, I was a blog commenter before having a blog of my own. This I mentioned in some of my interviews and posts.
    In the recent time, I published an article on this very subject under the title “The Power of blog comments” Yes, it has power, but we need to apply it wisely. Stick to the subject while making comments, irrelevant and one line or one-word comments often go to the dustbin. This point one needs to note while making comments on others posts. These days my inbox is flooded with such comments which I send it to my spam folder or will delete it forever. In some cases, I make aware of it thru their mail about the comment policy. Apart from this along with every post I post a note in this regard. But still many do not take time to read and comment.
    Yes, the comment authors should make note about the points mentioned in this post to get the full result for their comments.
    Good points Ravi.
    Keep writing
    Best Regards
    ~ Philip

  2. Thank you Ravi, for reminding me the importance of being interactive while commenting on posts.
    Spam comments irritate us all but good comments are the ones we look forward to, don’t we. So my question should we follow the same pattern to comment, if my main objective is to comment rather than being intrested in the blog post itself?
    Or would this be a bad remark in the eyes of the moderator.
    Thanks Again.
    – Joy

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