How to Live track Mumbai local trains using m-Indicator

Traveling is hectic and nothing can make it totally bearable. Music does acts as an escape from the noise of the crowds or reading a book might help you distract from your fellow passenger’s loud noise, who is ordering 60 cloth pieces for reasons best known to him. We eventually get accustomed to that and endure the journey somehow.

How to Live track Mumbai's local trains

It is 2019 and we all use applications for every single thing, literally! And fellow Mumbaikars might have a guess as to what I am referring to. Yes, m-Indicator, the savior of all the people who use local train services for the daily commute. Not just that, you can even check the PNR of an outstation train. There is more to this application than meets the eye.

The developer behind this app, Mobond, has been constantly rolling out updates to make it better. A few days ago, the app was updated with a feature thought of by almost every other traveler – live tracking. Now, you can track at which station did your daily local train reach or how delayed it is. This coincides with this month’s heavy rainfall that left thousands stranded on the stations. We will tell you in detail how to use this feature and all the benefits it comes with. So, scroll down and make your commute less bothersome.

How to Live track Mumbai local trains

Firstly, make sure you have the app on your Android and iOS smartphone. If not, download it from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Keep in mind that m-Indicator will need to access your location, so you should allow it or else it won’t function as it is supposed to. Also, you will need to use your mobile data as the features outlined below will not work without an internet connection.

Step 1: After your download is complete, launch the application.

Step 2: The app is your one-stop for every travel needs, except for flights. Click on the first box titled ‘Local.’

How to Live track Mumbai's local trains

Step 3: The app will ask you your exact position, as in the station you are at. Type that in the blank space. Or if you constantly search for a location, it will appear, like it’s bin pinned at the top. Select the location.

How to Live track Mumbai's local trains

Step 4: You will have to select a destination or just select the preset options.

Step 5: Now, you will see the day’s remaining trains along with the train’s current location and its ETA. Select a train that suits your journey.

Step 6: This will give you the list of stations the train will halt at. In addition, the new update now lets you know the exact position of the train. In the image below, you can see that the train that I have selected is at Virar but the warning explicitly says that the train is not moving. It also gives you a time map in the form of JUST NOW, letting you know that it is the latest update you are seeing. Also, you can click on the red refresh button to refresh the status of your train. At the bottom, it will also tell you whether or not the train you have selected is on time.

Step 7: When you open the app, there’s an option called ‘Share Live Train Position.’ This option lets you share your live train location with others.

Step 8: Here, you can add your regular trains. There are no limitations, at least that is what we have observed. Add the source and the destination of your journey. You will get a list of the trains that travel on the route selected by you.

Step 9: Another interesting feature is the ‘Are you inside this train?’ So this basically tracks your location and broadcasts the location of the train you are on to lakhs of people.

How to Live track Mumbai's local trains

Step 10: When you board a certain train, switch the toggle to ‘YES.’ m-Indicator doesn’t allow users to share the train’s live location before the time of its departure or after it has completed its journey. Furthermore, the slider automatically changes to ‘NO’ after you reach your destination.

The app also sends you an alert on the arrival time of the next train if you are on the platform.


m-Indicator is a must-have application for people who commute to and from work daily by local trains. It was launched in May 2010 by an engineer Sachin Teke under the brand name Mobond. He himself has been struggling with his commute from Nerul to Seepz, Andheri where he used all modes of transport. The application is the result of his frustration and experience of commuting.

Give this feature a try and make sure you share it with others as well. It proved to be a big help to people who were stranded on the stations. They were quickly alerted that the trains are now running.

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