Logojoy Review: Can AI Design a Better Logo Than You?

When it comes to the branding of the Company, Logo Design is the fundamental requirement. The Logo is the element which reflects your brand name in a creative manner. In this article, we’re going to review one of the best Artificial Intelligence powered Logo generating web Application, Logojoy.

Logojoy helps you create an outstanding logo design within minutes. It is the most popular logo maker in the world with more than 1 Million customers.

What makes Logojoy the best logo maker?

There are tonnes of professional logo designers out there but not all can deliver the bizarre designs for your brand. Here what makes the Logojoy better than any human designers- It lets “YOU” create the whole mock-up. It gives you the freedom to create a professional looking brand with an option to custom design it.

Logojoy is made just for you if you’re picky human being. I bet, No designer can offer you unlimited design revisions for free. But when you are using Logojoy you are free to change your logo at each and every point without paying extra $$ for it.

It is truly sure that logo designing takes a really long time even days to create something which gains more hearts. However, Logo123 offers you a chance to have a design at your disposal under an hour.

Once you are in love with the final design, you can pay the one-time money for your logo and you can directly download it in different sizes and formats. It’s that simple.

How to use Logojoy to Create a bizarre logo?

Step 1: Enter your brand name

The theory is pretty simple: You just have to enter your brand name and click “Get Started”. The AI behind the Logojoy Web App recognizes your brand name and provides you with a number of logo designs to choose from. By choosing the style variations you provide them with the basic idea for your logo design.


Step 2: Pick logo inspirations

In this step, you need to pick 5 or more logo designs made by Logojoy. The Logojoy AI use these designs as an inspiration. It is pretty much sure that your logo would look fairly similar to the designs you pick.


Step 3: Pick a colour combination

After picking logo design inspirations you need to pick a colour combination for your logo. Out of various available colour combinations, you can pick one or more desired colours for your logo. There are various shades of black, blue, cyan, green, purple, red, yellow and more.


Step 4: Select the symbols for your brand

This is the main step where you need to choose a perfect icon for your logo. An icon of the logo symbolizes the brand in a creative way. I’ll recommend you to choose a unique symbol for your brand.


Step 5: Select any of the generated logos

After feeding in all the requirements you’ll be provided with a lot of designs to choose from. Now you need to select any one of them and customize it according to your requirement.


Step 7: Customize and finalize

The is the final step in which you can customize the layer, fonts, colours of the logo. You can save your logo in different file formats as well as sizes. You can also scale the symbol of the logo according to your requirement. You can change the icon position, text position and the size of the text. You can also change the icon design from the number of available layouts.



Once you finalize the mock-up, Logojoy provides you with a number of examples of how your brand might look like when you’re a big company.


Thus, within 30 minutes you can create a fascinating logo design of your own brand.

You have to pay a one-time payment of $65 to download all the project files as well as boon files that Logojoy has made.  Now you can use it on your products as well as websites.

You can explore various dimensions of design with logos that will attract visitors and potential customers.

Verdict: Is it worth a professional logo design?

You can easily create a good professional looking logo design at a cheaper cost using Logojoy. You can use it if you are not much into the design or logo is just a simple requirement for you.

But the thing the elements you’ve used in designing your logo can be used by anybody. It is possible that the icon you’ve created can be used by other people at Logojoy.

I would recommend you to use Logojoy for your brand if you are a starter and you need a simple, elegant and easy logo. But if you’re a big brand and you have special requirements, Logojoy might not be a good option for you.

You can get thousands of logo design ideas from Logojoy which you can use as an inspiration.

I must say, how far Artificial intelligence might get, but they’re nothing as compared to human brains.


  1. It is impressive and logo generators came a long way. While I still believe that nothing beats a hand-made logo, I agree that if offers a great opportunity for start-ups to have a decent identity at a low cost. Something to watch.

  2. I personally was unimpressed with the logos it produced for me. Just letters slapped in with some crappy icons in different colours. I guess if you have a low bar for design it’s okay. I still value the human touch. Just like that wierd AI created music – just something about it devoid of any soul. It almost denies the most fundamental element of art and design – that it’s human and for human purposes. All the damn shortcuts technologists think help humanity. Sadly we are starting to live in a world where technology does not serve humanity, but rather we serve it as we cannot pull our faces away from all the addicting bells and whistles in our pockets. Anyhow, admittedly I digress here, but I hope we do not lose or undervalue our creativity as humans and i encourage everyone to appreciate and nurture their creative gifts.


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