Mangools review: SEO Tools that will skyrocket your online presence

Do you want to improve your search engine optimization?

Well… of course you want and here the online SEO tools can help you a lot.

SEO tools such as Keyword Researcher, Organic traffic analyzer, etc can really help any business to find out their target audience and reach out to them easily.

But do you have any idea which SEO tools can provide you maximum profit? Or which SEO tools come under your budget?

Not to worry at all as we will be providing a completely unbiased review about Mangools and its 4 amazing SEO tools.

What exactly is Mangools?

Mangools came into existence in the year 2014 with its one SEO tool names as KWFinder. After the success of KWFinder, Mangools moved on from one SEO tool to four growth hacking SEO tools.

They include-

  1. KWFinder
    It is one of the most used and popular tools by Mangools. It provides all the necessary metrics like exact search volume, trends of a particular keyword, LSI keywords, an overview of top 10 ranking sites with their backlinks under one roof.
  2. SERPChecker
    Analyzing and researching your competitors can surely give you an advantage. SerpChecker provides you overall SEO data of your competitor’s page. 50 different SEO metrics are available along with Majestic and Moz information.
  3. SERPWatcher
    Rank trackers can surely help you in knowing your existence on search engines. SERPWatcher can do that job with ease as it provides information based on different location, devices, etc.
  4. LinkMiner
    It is the newest SEO tool by Mangools that helps in monitoring and analyzing competitors backlinks. A complete report is provided about the backlinks of your competitor site. It can really come handy if you are into outreach business.

How is Mangools different from other SEO tools?

  • Doesn’t make a hole in the pocket: Mangools won’t cost you thousands of dollar in monthly agency plans subscription. Over that, many of the users got 3x- 4x of their investments in terms of website traffic, leads, sales, etc. we will discuss more this in the pricing plan below
  • Variety of tools: Variety is a must in everyone’s life. For example, you won’t always prefer one dish in a restaurant. You would surely try to get the variety of food just because you want to try them all. Mangools is one such SEO restaurant providing you different tools in terms of dishes.
  • Complete User Guide available: Every tool requires a User manual in order to understand the proper functioning of that tool. Also, you need to optimize your site with all the SEO factors in order to be safe from google updates. This is where Mangools is different as the marketing guru of Mangools Maros Kortis has written a complete guide for every SEO tool.

Mangools review: 4 SEO Tools that will skyrocket your online presence

1. KWFinder: the one solution to your Keyword Research

Keyword research is must in online marketing in order to find leads and increase sales. KWFinder simplifies the whole keyword research process with ease and helps you to find out the right keywords to target.

The thing that makes KWFinder different from others is its user interface which provides a number of metrics like majestic and Moz metrics that gives an individual a clear idea about the keywords difficulty.

KWFinder user interface has got 3 different options that can help in advance researching

  1. Suggestions
    It is the default search option where you get the number of suggestion based on your searched keyword. All the suggestions are exported from Google keyword planner and KWFinder’s pre-programmed algorithm. This feature helps in hunting unique targeted keywords.
  2. Autocomplete
    Ever thought that your targeted keyword would be an incomplete version of a more targeted keyword? Autocomplete helps to find out those keywords that can be further used to increase online presence. All the results are derived from Google API so people are actually for the same.
  3. Questions

Many times when we don’t understand anything, we often google about the same. This means that there are loads of keywords in form of questions that needs to be answered. Ever thought about it? The “questions” option was therefore developed by Mangools where you can get an ample amount of questions related to your keyword.

Apart from just searching for new keywords, it has also got an awesome filter features that help out to find gems.

You can easily sort and filter keywords based on search volume, PPC, CPC, etc easily.

Why should you opt for KWFinder?

  • Saves time as all the research and analysis part is done in one place.
  • Able to generate localized keywords.
  • Gives the most accurate keyword suggestion and information.
  • Filter features help in finding keywords based on your needs.
  • The questions feature help to develop blog ideas.

2. SERPChecker: The complete solution to stalk your competition.

Did you know by stalking your competition, you can eventually reduce your overall research and planning work?

SERPChecker can help you in your stalking thing very professionally :p

To get started, just enter a keyword and the magic of SERPChecker will provide you with all the pages of your competitor that are ranking for it.

Want access to SERPChecker? Get a Mangools account now.

For example, you are working on the keyword ‘SERPChecker review” and you want to know the overall competition. Simply follow the steps.

Step 1: Enter “SERPChecker review” in the search bar.

Step 2: Select the “Analyse SERP” button.

Just wait till the screen loads and the next thing you see is a page with all the necessary information like the difficulty (the closer to 100, the harder it is), DA, TF, etc that you were looking for your keyword.

Isn’t it amazing?

The above steps were on “how can you use the SERP checker tool” to analyze any keyword.

Why should you opt for SERPChecker?

  • Filter available for localized results.
  • Can easily differentiate between mobile and desktop searches.
  • Organic results can be evaluated quickly.
  • Makes in-depth research work easier.

3. SERPWatcher: Because rank tracking is a must!

After completely finishing keyword research and stalking out the competitors, you must have started your SEO work.

But have you started tracking your ranks on SERPS?

SERPWatcher comes handy in such situation as it is a complete package for tracking your web pages and keywords. By simply adding a tracking in your dashboard, you will have access to SERPWatcher.

Here’s how the process goes on…

Step 1: Create a new tracking in the dashboard for your website. This can be easily done by just selecting “Add new tracking” in the right corner. You can then add domain names and keywords.

Step 2: Select “start tracking” so that SERPWatcher immediately starts tracking all the keywords.

Step 3: All the data will be available in SERPWatcher in few seconds.

You will notice something as Dominance Index, it mainly tells you about the organic traffic based on your current ranking. Following is calculated based on-

  • Search volume according to Google Keyword Planner.
  • SERP position.
  • The number of keywords tracked.
  • Average CTR.
  • Aggregate value if you ranked for all keywords.

You can also see all metrics related to all of your keywords that you added in the dashboard. This way you can easily decide which of your pages are performing well and which aren’t.

Why should you opt for SERPWatcher?

  • Mobile and desktop results can be tracked simultaneously.
  • Keywords can be organized with the help of tags.
  • You can get a report in the form of CSV format.
  • Daily updates will be provided about your keyword position.
  • Tracking can be made demographically.
  • The daily ranking, visits, dominance index charts can be found easily for any keyword.

4. LinkMiner: Backlinks too help with SEO.

Mangools review

LinkMiner helps to find out backlinks data of the competition simply by providing a number of metrics, embedded features, filtering previews that can legitimately help in online search appearance.

How to get started with LinkMiner

For start, arrange a valid domain or any URL in the search bar and select “Find Backlinks”.

You can either select “multiple links” option or “one domain per link” option according to your needs.

Link miner then displays-

  • Lost backlinks (deleted ones)
  • New backlinks (freshly made backlinks from last 30 days)
  • All backlinks (the mixture of lost and new from last 90 days)

LinkMiner gives more attention to TF (trust flow) and CF (citation flow) for link evaluation. Along with that, it takes these 4 metrics also into consideration-

  • AR: Alexa rank
  • FB: Number of Facebook social signals
  • LS: Link strength
  • EL: Number of external links

Why should you opt for LinkMiner?

  • Shows websites that have backlinks directly in the tool.
  • Easy to use filter helps to categorize the links more efficiently.
  • You can save and mark favorite your top backlinks.

Now that you have read so much about Mangools, we have a breaking news for you all.

Mangools is coming up with its new SEO tools known as SiteProfiler, let’s have a clear idea about how can that help your business.

5. Siteprofiler: Analysing website can provide you with gems!

Mangools review

SiteProfiler can save your time a lot by analyzing your whole website and providing all the necessary SEO metrics like organic keywords, Ranking, backlinks, Domain quality, Da, Pa, Trust flow, Traffic, competitors, etc

You can also use this amazing tool to analyze keywords of your competitors and pick few of them for your own.

Why should you opt for SiteProfiler

  • Great tool to get a complete report of the whole website with all the necessary metrics
  • Easy User Interface
  • Organic ranking and keyword can be easily obtained

PS: it is currently in BETA stage so if you want to use the best website analyzing tool, its now or never. Don’t think so much, just sign up and get started!!!

That was an overall review of 5 amazing SEO tools offered by mangools. Let’s have a look at their pricing structure.

Mangools pricing structure

Mangools free account

Well, to buy something, one often does takes a trial of the product. Mangools also offers a free account to its users where they can simply register and get access to their tools for 50 keywords and 5 lookups for 24 hours.

Mangools paid account

Mangools review

If you are damn serious about your website’s SEO, you should definitely opt for Mangools paid plan.

Mangools offers 3 different plans: Basic, Premium, and Agency.

1. Mangools Basic plan: Mangools Basic plan costs $29.9 (annually billed $358). It is suitable for bloggers mostly into SEO stuff. Below you will find all the features that are included in this plan:

  • Daily rank updates
  • Unlimited tracked domains
  • 200 Tracked keywords
  • 100 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 100 KW lookups per 24 hours
  • 100 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 200 Related keywords per search

2. Mangools Premium plan: Mangools Premium plan costs $39.9 (annually billed $478.8) It is perfect for full-time bloggers, entrepreneurs and SEO experts. Here are Mangools Premium features. Below you will find all the features that are included in this plan:

  • Daily rank updates
  • Unlimited tracked domains
  • 700 Tracked keywords
  • 500 KW lookups per 24 hours
  • 500 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 500 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 500 Related keywords per search

3. Mangools Agency plan: Mangools Agency plan costs $79.9 (annually billed $958.8), It is a complete package suitable for those who are running agencies. Below you will find all the features that are included in this plan:

  • Daily rank updates
  • Unlimited tracked domains
  • 1500 Tracked keywords
  • 1200 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 1200 KW lookups per 24 hours
  • 1200 SERP lookups per 24 hours
  • 700 Related keywords per search

So that was an in-depth review on Mangools and its 4 amazing and beneficial SEO tools that can surely help in skyrocketing your online presence. IF you have any doubts regarding mangools, you can surely drop down a comment and we will be happy to help you.

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