Guide to Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn – Here’s What You Must Know!

LinkedIn is a renowned platform which connects professionals from all around the world. Although it is associated with searching for new career opportunities and finding new job positions, LinkedIn is also an efficient platform for someone to expand one’s network for various forms of business. Many professionals like freelancers, creative artists, designers, new startup companies can effectively use LinkedIn for promoting their business to a more varied audience than what is found on other social platforms. In this article, you will learn some easy, smart methods by which you can promote your business on LinkedIn.

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

1. Create your Company Page

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn

Unlike other personal profiles on social platforms, in LinkedIn, company pages have to be created to represent your organization and your brand. Even if you have a small business, you should operate a company page that will be connected to your profile page. This would allow you to make post updates along with important information which would look much better if they were to be from an organization than an individual.

2. Highlight the Business you run over to Your Profile

Personal profiles are an influential tool in LinkedIn. They will give you the chance to show yourself as the primary individual who is behind the organization, and this will ensure you build an excellent professional status. You have to give all details of your company and provide all the essential links to important pages and websites.

3. Provide frequent updates

With your company’s page, you must post all the important news, information and keep updating the professional communities about all the current developments in your business. You have to update your audience frequently, and you must be strategic in the news and posts which you share. Provide information that is relevant, like projects that your company has completed, upcoming projects, tips and techniques, new products which your company will be launching, et cetera. This will show the audience that you are running a serious and highly active business venture.

4. Use creative Visuals

Marketing Your Business On LinkedIn
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The visual content uploaded in LinkedIn has to be top class, from company logos to profile pictures. Since LinkedIn isn’t a visual platform, hence you must make sure the few images you get to upload are impactful. So, you must take advantage of the pictures you upload by putting clever and effective messages across through the photos.

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LinkedIn is different from other social media platforms in that it is mainly for professional enterprises and it can also be used for business purposes. However, with the right techniques and strategies are essential so that you can get success.



  1. Thanks, Kelly. It is useful for me as I have started an e-commerce business website recently. I am working on its marketing on most of the social media except LinkedIn. After reading this I have got a basic idea on how to market our business on LinkedIn 🙂


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