Messenger Apps: The new means of communication

Do you know which app is the right one for you?

A few years ago people might have questioned why you would want to download a separate messaging app when you can message people well enough using the text feature on your phone. Today, however, if you don’t have at least one messaging app downloaded onto your phone, you are the odd one out. Almost everyone that owns a smartphone will have downloaded a messaging app, no matter what type of smartphone they have. The majority of people will even have more than one.
This applies to people all over the world. In most countries, people will use messaging apps as one of the main ways to communicate, with each country having an app that is a favorite. WhatsApp dominates most countries, yet there are a few countries such as China and Japan that have been won over by apps such as WeChat and Line.

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Communicate Globally

Messenger Apps
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All of these apps will allow the user to message other people who also have the app free, with no limitations on the length of message you want to send. In fact, when using messaging apps people can send messages to people all over the globe without paying a penny.
This is great news for people that have friends, family or work colleagues overseas as they now no longer have to pay a fortune to send a simple message.

The Potential of Messaging Apps

There is so much potential of messaging apps within our current society, and they are expanding their usage into much much more than sending a message. Not only are the app developers about to harness their capabilities, but other companies are realizing how they could benefit from these applications as well.
Companies such as retail or service companies are now using ‘bots’ that allow the user of one of these apps to chat directly with a company online. Whether this is just to ask a question, sort out a problem, or purchase a product or a service. Many businesses have already worked their way into the app scene, and it seems like a trend that will work itself into our lives soon.

Apps like WeChat have already harnessed this capability, with its users able to do a lot more than just send messages. Its users can attach their bank details to the app and from this can make a huge range of purchases, book public transport, book appointments, transfer money, pay bills and fines and lots more. Essentially those who use the app have their whole life on it, and without it, people would have to change how they live their lives. Other apps such as Line have various games with them. It is like having 10 apps all in one place.

Despite having all these additional features attached to WeChat however, it is not the most popular app out there. WhatsApp is used by over a billion people in the world, yet compared to WeChat it is relatively simple. Maybe this way of life has not found its way over to other countries yet, or maybe some people prefer a messaging app to be used for just that, messaging people.

Facebook Messenger App

Messenger Apps

Facebook messenger is different once again because this is attached to a social media app. Before 2014, the Facebook social media app and the Facebook messaging app were combined. It was decided that the two should be separated, so users of the app had to download a second app to use the messaging aspect of it. This decision was met with various degrees of approval, but it is now something that everyone has got used to. The difference with Facebook compared to other messaging apps is that your contacts are your Facebook friends. It is possible to add other contacts, but as long as your friends have a Facebook account, you can use the messaging app to talk to them.

Android Phones with Messenger Apps

If you have an Android phone, then these come with a messaging app built in. This doesn’t mean this is the app you have to keep as your default, however. You can browse the apps available and pick the one you feel will work best for you depending on its additional features. You will have to take into consideration the fact that with a lot of the apps, the person you want to message has to also have downloaded the app. For those that have an iPhone, this automatically comes with the iMessage feature.

This means you can message anyone else with an iPhone free of charge. A messaging app is a great way that will allow you to talk to people between different devices. There is even the ability to talk to over one person at once in a group message. Some of the apps will let you have over 200 people in one conversation, something you could not do with traditional SMS.

Pros and Cons

All of these apps have their own pros and cons, and it is worth doing research on what each of them are capable of before deciding about which is the best one to use. For example, WhatsApp is simple and easy to use as you don’t have to add all your contact to the app, these come from your phone. There are no adverts attached to it and you can send a range of fun emojis and gifs, however, if the person you want to talk to doesn’t have WhatsApp, then you can’t speak to them.

Facebook messenger is good because you can talk to people both using the app or on a computer if you are on your Facebook account. A con is that it doesn’t have any other additional features that make it stand out like WeChat does.
It depends on what features you are looking for, but there is an app out there for everyone.

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