Microsoft hires a person named ‘Mac Book’ to taunt Apple

Nowadays, advertising campaigns have become hilarious and often ropes in the brand’s competitor. Samsung has been mocking Apple with Genuis advertisements that sees an Apple worker who replies to customers’ questions with bizarre, fanboy answers. It seems Microsoft has taken a page out of Samsung’s dissing book as the Washington-based firm has just taken a not-so-subtle taunt at Apple’s MacBook laptop series. The rivalry between these two powerhouses hasn’t gone unnoticed and this fresh and hilarious development doesn’t contradict.

The advertisement starts with a voice-over introducing a guy named Mackenzie Book, who is rechristened as “Mac Book” throughout the video (get it, Mac Book = MacBook). The video points out various features the Microsoft Surface 2 laptop has that Apple’s MacBook doesn’t. All MacBook does is say yes or no, and you guessed it, he vouches for the Surface 2 laptop.

The young Australian points out that the Microsoft Surface 2 is more powerful than the MacBook and that it also lasts longer. Microsoft seems to take a dig at MacBook’s missing touch-screen display that the Surface 2 boasts of. The 30-sec advertisement nicely points out why Microsoft’s offering is better than Apple’s. The video ends with Mackenzie Book saying, “You should get a Surface — trust me, I’m Mac Book”.

Apple has also taken a dig at Microsoft a decade ago. Commercials that aired between 2006 to 2009 showed the Mac vs PC campaigns which featured actor Justin Long as the cool Mac. Titles as ‘Get a Mac,’ the slew of advertisements saw Justin explain what made Apple machines better than Windows machines. It was aired in many countries and went on to become some of the best advertisements in those times.

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