Microsoft Introduces 3D AR-Based Animated Emoji in the new SwiftKey update

SwiftKey, considered to be one of the best keyboard apps for Android, has introduced a new feature called Puppets on its beta mobile application. They are 3D AR-Based Animated Emoji that can mimic your facial expressions. Ring some bells? Ah, well, Apple introduced the exact same feature dubbed Animoji in 2017 with iPhone X. Since then, a lot of companies have tried to “come up with their own versions” but fell flat on the face. Swiftkey too followed the suit and the feature is quite okay.

Deepak Paramanand, a senior program manager at Microsoft said, “We created Puppets, a group of cute and furry friends that people can control just by being themselves. Choose one of five animals, record a message of fewer than 30 seconds and share it via one of the many popular communication apps supported by Android devices. Puppets can instantly recognize when a user smiles or opens their mouth, for example, and make the animated animal copy it. It is so accurate that it can even copy a person when they blink.”

Puppets, as Microsoft likes to call it, houses 5 different avatars which include 3D panda, cat, dog, owl, and a dinosaur. According to Microsoft, this feature leverages its artificial intelligence technology to mirror the head movements and facial expressions of users in real-time. Apple uses a depth mechanism, while SwiftKey uses thousands of crowd-sourced videos and images from SwiftKey users.

The feature will gradually roll out to the Android app. There is no word when the feature will debut for Apple users. If you want to test the newly added feature, download it from the Google Play Store.

How to use Puppets with SwiftKey for Android | 3D AR-Based Animated Emoji (Video Tutorial)


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