Microsoft partners with Dehradun’s RTO for AI-based license tests

Dehradun’s Regional Transport Office is now in a partnership with Microsoft that will see a smartphone-based system for driving license tests. This system will use the Redmond-based company’s Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety (HAMS) AI that will monitor drivers and their driving.

The use case is simple – the driver has to place a phone on a holder on the dashboard of the car. This software will first check the face of the driver and position of the camera, and will then ask them to begin the test. After the driving starts, the AI measures the driver’s gaze, the vehicle’s trajectory, and its distance from objects using front and rear cameras.

Venkat Padmanabhan, Deputy Managing Director, Microsoft Research India, said, “The main challenge in the traditional driver’s license test is the burden placed on the human evaluators and the resulting subjectivity that a candidate faces. Automation using HAMS technology can not only help relieve evaluators of the burden but also make the process objective and transparent for candidates.”

Akshay Nambi, a senior researcher at Microsoft, says “On average, over 50 candidates take the HAMS-enabled automated license test every day at the Dehradun RTO. Due to the comprehensive nature of testing, just about 50% of candidates pass the test, ensuring that only qualified drivers are given a driver’s license.”

A survey by SaveLIFE Foundation, an organization that works on road safety, implies that 59% of license holders haven’t take a driving test. In a country like India, driving tests are pretty irregulated. The implementation of AI-based HAMS can help avoid all these accidents and also reduces dependencies on humans.


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