Mobile Design Trends in 2019

There is something that is expected from mobile designers – they are known to always continue finding out new things. There are so many mobile designs that may occur. Some of them will be considered as “classics” a few years from now. Others will start to look outdated after some time. The point is that mobile designers should be aware of the latest trends all the time.

Some mobile designers are highly dedicated to doing their tasks. They try to do various things so that they will continuously learn new things:

  •  They take some short courses whenever there are some that are available.
  •  They sometimes spend a few hours watching webinars.
  •  They attend seminars that will help them stay updated with the latest mobile design trends.

Have you ever wondered why the app design of the apps that you love, change from time to time? It is because the designers are finding new ways in order to keep the design of the applications on trend. They understand that you have different needs so they would address those needs whenever possible.

There are some mobile design trends that Reinvently is always making efforts to know such as the following:

1. Buttons have gotten considerably fewer

There was a time when smartphones came with so many buttons. Each button is meant for a different task. Now that the smartphones have become smarter, all of the things that people need to do will start to become available through the apps that they have installed on their phones. The user interface design should still be user-friendly to a lot of users.

2. Addition of Face ID

This may be something that people never thought would be possible but it is obviously happening now. People do not have a home button anymore. The best way that a phone can become accessible is by allowing your face to open the phone. Some may think that this is very high-tech but this is a trend that is not going away anytime soon.

3. Round-Edged Phones

There are a lot of phones that do not come with very sharp edges anymore. The edges of the phones are now rounded. This may be a delight to a lot of people especially those who have gotten hurt with the sharp edges of their phones. Just remember that because of this design change, the interface of the available phones would need to change as well.

4. Overlapping Effect Design

If you would compare the resolution of the screens before, they were far more boring as compared to the available resolution now. There are now graphics that would look like they are overlapping with each other. This is still not perfected by all mobile phones but the time will come when this will be done flawlessly.

5. Augmented Reality

This is obviously one of the design trends that cannot be denied anymore. This is slowly being integrated into mobile. One of the best examples of this is the Pokemon GO. People wanted to find Pokemon even though they know that it is a game. They started walking around trying to find the right Pokemon that will complete their Pokedex. Sadly, there were some people who were not smart in using it so they have gotten into accidents because of it. The more that people understand how this works, the better they would be able to control their actions. This is one design trend that will continue to improve in the years to come.

6. Animations

You have to admit that there are some people who are starting to become bored with just listening. They want to actually see what is happening. The best thing to do this is to show better animations as compared to before. There are now things that can be done in order to keep people’s attention spans. People would rather watch videos how food is prepared as compared to reading the recipe of how the same food can be prepared. The videos need to be compelling enough to make people watch through the whole video.

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It is expected that videos are going to continue dominating people’s radar because this is what they find most endearing. It is exciting to see what other design trends done by Reinvently will be available in the years to come.

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  1. Machine learning is also an innovative trend in the mobile app development industry and a number of considerable companies are utilizing the benefits of the technology by offering a realistic user experience to the audiences.

  2. A realistic view is a necessity of the time and I totally agree with the fact that animations should be included as much as possible because it can connect with the user more and can express things more efficiently than words.


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