Mondovo Review – The Best Alternative to Moz

The techniques to improve search engine rankings are constantly evolving. With these changes, anyone with a presence online has to very quickly master the basics of SEO to have any hope of surviving online. To fill this need, tools like SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs, have become a necessity to Content Writers & SEO Experts alike. But. Do I need an expensive high-end toolset to monitor and track my blog stats? The answer was initially yes (due to a lack of anything different), but thankfully now, there is a solution.

To manage my On-Page & Off-Page SEO activities in one place, I came upon a comprehensive Digital Marketing toolset which is simple, handy & affordable. The tool is called Mondovo & I’m going to put it through its paces.

Mondovo is a fast growing SEO toolset in the Digital Marketing field which has all the features of Moz, yet comes with a super affordable pay-as-you-go pricing model. So it seems to be a good alternative to Moz. I’m of the opinion that when you can get the same features as Moz at far less a price point and without the hassle of a monthly subscription, why buy an expensive Moz account?

But, to be objective, let’s begin the review.

The Best Alternative to Moz

My first impressions of Mondovo

When I first tried the toolset, I found it to be versatile in its utility. I get the feeling that it would be ideal for Digital Agencies, Freelancers as well as for SEOs, as a good alternative to Moz & other SEO tools. The best part of the toolset as I mentioned earlier is the flexibility of the pay-as-you-go system. No other toolset in the industry offers this sort of payment system as far as I’m aware, as you don’t pay hefty subscriptions. Rather you just buy the report or data you’re after.

Given my requirement for my blog, I calculated that I could do everything I needed to with just $5. That’s a huge saving from what Moz would typically charge me for the same amount of researching, track and report.

Some of the SEO activities which I was able to do through Mondovo were

  1. Rank Tracking
  2. Backlink Research
  3. Keyword Research
  4. On-Page Analysis
  5. Social Competitor Research & more.

Let’s take a quick look at the tools I was able to use.

Rank Tracker

mondovo review : The Best Alternative to Moz

I used this tool to check the keywords my competitors’ are ranking for and then spy on them.

The Rank Tracker helped me track all my keywords across three search engines in the countries, cities and languages that my blog is read in. For reference, they support 190 countries, 35,000 cities and 80 languages, so I was able to tune my research fine fairly quickly. Frequency wise, I had the option of tracking my keywords daily, weekly and monthly or run a quick one-time spot rank check if I wished, through a related tool – the On-Demand Rank Checker.

The Rank Tracker gave me an in-depth analysis on each keyword I was after:

  • Who ranks organically for a particular keyword/s
  • Who advertises for any keyword
  • The ranking comparisons & graphs between my competitors and me.’
  • The estimated traffic flow from any particular keyword
  • What are the URLs rankings for a keyword & much more

One feature I found particularly impressive – The Estimated Traffic Flow metric. This is a different metric which you would typically find only in enterprise-level toolsets. Here’s how it works:

  • When you enter a keyword & a website URL, it estimates much traffic the website gets through that particular keyword.
  • This lets you know the value of that keyword & helps you decide whether to target it or not. I’ve been told by the faithful people behind Mondovo that the tool uses a unique algorithm to come up with this data.

I was able to track 100 keywords for $0.3. I review my keywords once a month at least, so this cost saving is immense. Here is a link if you wish to check your rankings.

Bulk Metrics

I sneakily used this tool to compare my blog’s domain with others that I’m going up against. I had tonnes of Domain and Social-specific metrics at my disposal.

This is one of my favourite tools in Mondovo because it just keeps giving and giving. The tool it super easy for me to track my competitors’ web and social metrics and showed me the complete picture of how their sites are performing versus mine.

Here are some of the metrics the tool uncovers: Social Metrics (Facebook likes & shares, ReTweets, +1’s, pins, LinkedIn shares), Server details, Whois Information, Alexa Rank, SEMRush’s Domain metrics, Malware detection, Google PageSpeed and Page Rank, SEOmoz Metrics (External Links/ Domain Authority/ Page Authority), Ahref’s link Metrics (DoFollow/ NoFollow links). The best part? The tool gives me Moz metrics for 1000 URLs for just $1!

Link Research

backlink analysis : mondovo

I’m no SEO guru, but I know enough to understand the importance of a good Backlink tool. I don’t think I need to keep looking.

Despite all the algorithmic updates, Google still values Backlinks rather highly. That’s why I continuously monitor the backlinks of my site and that of my competitors’. Mondovo’s Link Research provided me with the following information –

  1. Total referring domains for any site
  2. Total referring IPs for any site
  3. Total number of backlinks
  4. Link Strength Score

Apart from these details, it also showed me a whole lot of information for each & every backlink viz. the From page, Target page, Anchor Text, Follow type & the Link Strength Score, etc…Based on all the backlink details, my report showed me an overall Link Strength Score for each & every domain I tested which helps me determine the strength of the backlink network for that particular domain. The Backlink Analysis Report for 1000 backlinks cost me $0.56.

Website Audit

Site audits are time-consuming to analyse and can get scarily technical. With Mondovo’s audit, it just wasn’t.
As it turns out, my blog had a few issues – some large, some minuscule. Luckily, the audit tool in Mondovo uncovered them all with ease: Meta issues, Broken link details, 404’s, Content issues and more. As a writer with a growing blog and decent SEO experience, I can tell you firsthand that sometimes we get so caught up in content that we miss the SEO issues that hamper our blogs rankings. Mondovo helps in indicating those problems and provides a nice detailed chart for easy understanding.

I’m not proud of it (since I apparently missed these), but here are a few of the issues that the audit report found on my site.

  • Meta issues (missing meta titles/ descriptions, Duplicate titles, Long titles)
  • Linking details (Monitors HTTP status, Broken links, Internal/ External links)
  • Content Report (unclear target keywords, poor SEO, link-text ratio, plagiarism checker, <250 words post)
  • HTML Optimization ( Missing alt tags/Heading tags, Slow pages, large page size, small page score, etc.)
  • Internal Links / External links (HTTP Status, Anchor text combinations)
  • Social Metrics ( FB likes/ shares, pins, tweets, LinkedIn shares, social score)

The audit report itself is massive but superbly organised for easy consumption with lots of charts and images to make my analysis easier. Also, the issues were sorted into things I didn’t have to worry about and those that were critical. This helped immensely since I didn’t have to waste time prioritising. The cost of all this data? A cool $0.08: )

On-Page Analyzer

If I had to analyse specific pages on my site and optimise them for search engine love, this would be my ‘go-to’ tool.
It is said that 80% of your rankings depends upon your On-Page SEO performance. Mondovo’s On-page Analyzer helped me analyse a content of specific pages and identify any SEO issues that might be holding it back. Some of the issues that it detects are Keyword Stuffing, Image Optimization, Broken Links, Keyword Optimization and more. I didn’t have any particular page in mind to review, but a trial of a sample page cost me just $0.03.

Keyword Research Tool

keyword research tool by mondovo

Easily my least favourite thing to do in SEO. Yes, yes I know it’s super important – which is why I tried Mondovo’s keyword research tool. Result: I got the data I wanted quickly and with minimal fuss.

Mondovo offers a variety of options while doing Keyword Research. I was able to:

  1. Find the search volume for any keywords I chose
  2. Find all related keywords for any given set of keywords I entered
  3. Find all keywords for a particular URL I selected

This tool is crucial to bloggers like me since Google recently restricted the amount of data provided through Google Keyword Planner. I spent a good amount of time looking for alternatives, but the free tools always miss out important metrics and the paid ones are super expensive. With Mondovo though, I was able to get data directly from Adwords. Got data from Google and Amazon suggestions. Found Related Words with Search Volume and CPC data to boot and the whole lot more. Very impressive given the cost of a 650 strong keyword report was just $0.2.

Google Search Console

Google Webmaster Data. Simplified.

Google’s in-house tools can be intimidating and data heavy (if you’ve ever used Google Analytics, you know what I mean). It’s not simple to understand and can take a fair bit of time to get used to. Once I connected my Google Webmaster Account with Mondovo though – what a difference! Everything was simplified, and although it didn’t show me all the data that Webmaster Tools did, it showed me the important bits like:

  • Keyword-wise Performance
  • Page-wise Performance
  • Country-wise Performance
  • Device-wise Performance

The cost? Just $1.5 per domain.

Social Media tools

social media tools

I’m not super active on Social. I don’t use every single platform to connect with my users. What works for me is Facebook and Twitter, and Mondovo helped me manage those accounts just fine.

Mondovo’s social media tools include:

  1. Facebook Analytics
  2. Facebook Competition
  3. Twitter Analytics
  4. Twitter Competition

All the social data in Mondovo comes directly from the Facebook & Twitter APIs so no doubts whatsoever on authenticity. The Facebook & Twitter analytics modules helped me analyse my social media accounts while the Competition modules helped me examine my performance on Facebook & Twitter vs. my competitors’ performance.

Social media mondovo- The Best Alternative to Moz

Web Analytics with Mondovo

Something that I’ve never had the chance to use but was super excited to try – View user analytics data in real time. The verdict. Eye opening!

There is two web analytics module included within Mondovo viz. Google Analytics & Mondovolytics. When I connected my Google Analytics module with Mondovo, it simplified all my GA data & presented it in an easy to consume manner. I’ve already mentioned that GA is hugely complicated if you’re new to the platform so this was an important aspect for me. The second module, Mondovolytics is a featured module and is worth highlighting. When I plugged in Mondovolytics to my site, the result was, as I mentioned before, eye opening! Here’s what I could see in real time:

  1. Who is on my website right now?
  2. Where are they from?
  3. Which page are they visiting?
  4. What actions are they taking and more

I’m the kind of person who likes to dive into data and uncover hidden insights. So needless to say, I was very very keen to try Mondovolytics. I learned so much about what my visitors were up to. In the long run, I can see this helping me develop content based on my Reader Persona.

The cost for linking Mondovolytics to my site was just $5 per month. A fraction of what other sites would charge me per month for similar data. What a bargain!

How is Mondovo the best alternative to Moz?

I said this before at the start of the review: if I’m able to get all the features from Moz and pay less than half the amount for it, it’s a no-brainer. I’ve reviewed a lot of toolsets claiming to be the best alternative to Moz, but in this case, Mondovo genuinely is. The depth of tools on offers, the low cost of reports, the quality of the data, the flexibility to scale with pay-as-you-go… I can keep going on. I’m just blown away by how much value this platform offers.

Bonus content I was sent from Mondovo’s fantastic customer service team when I asked them for more info on the Pay-As-You-Go system. Here’s how they explained it to me:

“Take for example any SEO tool in the market & their pricing model is always a monthly subscription. But there are a lot of user scenarios:

  1. Your device usage might be minimal
  2. The amount of SEO orders for any agency/freelancer might fluctuate on a monthly basis
  3. You only need some of the features in the tool

For Agencies/Freelancers with these issues, opting for a subscription based model wouldn’t be a good idea. Nobody would like to pay for features which they don’t use or would like to pay a hefty charge for minimal usage. On the other hand, with Mondovo’s Pay-As-You-Go model, you can start doing SEO from just $5.  For example, for $5 you will be able to do the following with Mondovo:

  1. Website Audit – 100 pages
  2. Backlink Analysis – 1000 backlinks
  3. Keyword Research – search volume for 650 keywords
  4. Rank Tracking – 100 keywords & 1 search engine combination
  5. Google Analytics – for one website

You need not pay for any extra features. Just pay for the reports that you run.”

My Final Verdict: Is Mondovo worth an SEO tool trying out?

I already gave you a hint of my thesis in the opening paragraphs of this review, but let me reiterate for the sake of clarity. There are a lot of SEO toolsets in the market & choosing one for your requirements involves a lot of hard work & exploration to be done. I strongly recommend Mondovo if you are looking for a quality SEO tool that’s cheap and gives you all the data you’re used to (if you’re using a toolset already). If you’re new to SEO, then definitely give this a go since it’s far easier to get up and to run since the learning curve is relatively easy. The tool is easy to setup and the customer support fantastically prompt. Mondovo is indeed a worthy alternative to Moz.

There is also one more no less famous, but definitely more budget  Alternative to MOZ – SE Ranking SEO Software.

You can get a free trial of Mondovo by clicking on this link.

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  1. Awesome reviewed by Satyansh ! Content itself speak your hardwork and loved a lot to read this amazing review on Mondovo Tool. By honest I am thankful to you for providing this content. Really it’s mah pleasure to learn a lot from 3nions. 😉 I would like to request you to write an beginners guide on FTP am confused a lot in it and don’t have knowledge about it. 😉


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