Monitor Your Employees Productivity through Android Spy Software

Employee productivity is a major concern for the businesspersons around the world owing to its correlation with business revenue and profitability. The entrepreneurs have been experimenting various tools and techniques to measure and boost the productivity of the workforce, and employee monitoring is one of those. Around 70 percent of employers monitor their workforce to prevent them from the activities that can hold back their motivation to work.

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Monitor Your Employees Productivity through Android Spy Software

Technological advancement has prompted increased interest in the employee monitoring and bring together new techniques such as automated tracking of work hours and video and audio observations of employees at the workplace. Most of the companies are taking the support of spy software to supervise the online and offline activities of their workers with an aim to eliminate unnecessary processes, prevent data breaches and boost employee productivity and ultimately company revenue.

There are scores of computer and mobile phone spy software readily available on app stores and other online sources making it problematic for a beginner to pick the best out of the bulk. After reviewing top Android spy software for employee monitoring, we have picked out the top-notch features that make a tracking software worth to buy. If your software does not offer you the given features, it is time to replace with a feature-rich and reliable employee monitoring software.

Monitor Internet and App Use

Internet supports streamline operations and expand the business but uncontrolled internet access can cause you bear productivity and financial loss. Several studies and surveys indicate that majority of employees use the company internet for entertainment and personal purposes rather than utilizing it in company’s interest. The spy software enables you to monitor the internet use of your employees accessing their internet browsing history on computers and mobile phones. Meanwhile, you can monitor that your workers are using productive apps and not unproductive.

Website Blocking

Monitor Your Employees Productivity through Android Spy Software
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If your employee spy software does not let you manage the internet access, it is preventing you from controlling cyberslacking. You cannot restrict your employees from wasting their working hours watching videos on YouTube and chatting with their fellows on social media platforms. On the other, spy software offering website blocking helps you block access to unwanted and distracting websites negatively impacting the employee motivation and productivity.

Social Media Monitoring

Majority of the discontented workers heads toward the social networking platforms for bad mouthing employer and company. It does not just leave a bad impression of business on co-workers but also on clients and customers. The Android spy app lets you monitor activities of your workers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It helps you stay update what your workers say about the company and what kind of company information they share on media.

Monitor Your Employees Productivity through Android Spy Software

Email Monitoring

Email is widely practised tool for business communications. Make sure you become aware what type of emails are being made and received by your workers. Your workers may receive phishing emails containing infected links and attachments opening of which can put the company data and entire network at risk. The spy software lets you monitor the incoming and outgoing emails of your staff to ensure not any inappropriate and confidential information is shared with anyone.

Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging is the act of recording the keys struck on a keyboard. The spy software captures and logs what is typed on the physical keyboard of a computer and on-screen keyboard of a mobile phone. It grabs the usernames, email addresses and passwords your workers apply to their devices. You can use these keystrokes to log into the official online accounts being operated by your staff to detect clues of a wrongdoing.

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Monitor Your Employees Productivity through Android Spy Software

Monitor Surroundings

There are a few top-notch spy software that let you monitor surroundings such as TheOneSpy. You can control the mobile phones and computer devices in use of your employees and remotely turn on the microphone and camera of these devices to see and listen what is happening in the surroundings. You can watch what your employees are doing and what are they speaking. It helps you prevent workplace gossips and unproductive activities of workers.

Live Screen Recording

Whatever appears on the screen of computer and mobile phone of your workforce can be captured in real-time. You can see whether your workers are busy playing games or watching videos on their devices or executing the assigned task. This feature helps you classify your trustworthy and unproductive or sluggish workers.

Track Calls and Messages

You can monitor the performance of your customer support and marketing team tracking their phone calls and messages. The Android spy app lets you read the incoming and outgoing messages and record inward and outward phone calls to ensure your workers are doing their job well and are not involved in any unproductive act or wrongdoing. Meanwhile, you can see the call and message logs containing the message and call time, call duration, and contact details of the conversing parties. This information also helps you know if any of your workers are in contact with competitors or adversaries.

Monitor Your Employees Productivity through Android Spy Software

Monitor Remote Workforce

The Android tracking software enables employers to monitor the productivity of their remote workers. They can track their GPS location to figure out the whereabouts of remote staff and can have reports on their visits within a certain period of time. You can receive alerts when your worker enters a certain location and when leaves it. It helps ensure that on-duty workers do not remain unmonitored even outside the workplace.

The Bottom Line

The perks of employee spy software are irrefutable that is because most of the businesses have been picking them to monitor their workforce. These do not just monitor employee performance and productivity but also protect company assets and eliminate distractions that diminish employee motivation and productivity. If you are looking for the ways to monitor and increase employee productivity, the spy software can help you beyond your expectations. But before you make a choice for spy software to monitor employees, make sure the software offers you above mentioned features and is relevant to your business needs.

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