List of Most Popular Google Doodle Games

If you’ve nothing planned for the weekend and are looking for an interactive distraction, this article may fill you in with something very interesting. Ever heard of Google Doodle Games? I am sure you might have.

The popular search giant usually features such games on its homepage to celebrate different occasions. These minigames are not only fun to play but also acquaint you with various new concepts.


So are you ready to venture into a whole new game genre? Let’s dive in without any further discussion. 

List of Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Here in this article, we’ve curated a list of the most popular Google doodle games of all time that you can opt to play to pass your free time.

I’m pretty confident that you’re going to end up playing one of these games. 

1. Scoville

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Scoville doodle was released to celebrate the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville. Here, you’ll play to test various peppers and tell the heat levels and then eat ice cream. You can even share the game results on all major social media platforms. 

2. Coding Carrots

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Coding for Carrots is a fun doodle game meant for children that requires you to create commands that will be given to the rabbit to get all the carrots. It is based on a scratch programming language that makes it very simple to play. 

3. Cricket

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

This game follows the same rules of real-time cricket where you’ll have to hit the ball, and the moment you miss it, you will be bowled. Once you’re out of the game, an umpire holding a signboard that reads ‘Out’ shows up from underground.

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4. Fischinger

This game was released to celebrate filmmaker and visual artist Oskar Fischinger. Here, users are introduced with a simple yet fun way to create musical tunes using visuals. Users can create tunes by changing the tempo, key, and presets and thereby choose notes virtually. 

5. Lotería

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Lotería is a popular Mexican board game that is very much similar to Bingo. You can play this with your friends and family virtually. It features popular Mexican YouTuber Luisito Comunica, who is the voice behind the game card announcer.

6. Rockmore

Google posted this particular doodle to commemorate the 105th birthday of theremin virtuoso performer, Clara Rockmore. A team of professionals modified the movement used to play the theremin which is a gesture-controlled instrument which was named after its inventor, Léon Theremin.

7. Hip Hop

Most Popular Google Doodle Games


This doodle game teaches you about the turntable’s crossfader, how to scratch the record, mix two records in the same key, and features various other interactive turntables. It is quite a good activity which leads you to be more productive.

8. Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome focuses on decorating your garden with flowers by letting players send garden gnomes flying via a catapult. Garden gnomes are nothing but wooden figures with shaggy beards and pointy hats that are placed all over the garden. 

9. Pac-man

This game was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man where you can control the titular character with the arrow keys on your keyboard or with swipe gestures. Your aim will be to eat all the flashing dots without running into the ghosts.

10. Hurdles

Like any other racing game, Hurdles is a game where athletes are said to run but the only twist being they also need to jump over a series of hurdles. A typical game here race features 10 hurdles. Your aim will be to complete the game as fast as possible. 

11. Soccer

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Soccer is another interactive doodle game where you play as a soccer goalkeeper and your only goal here being to keep as many balls out as you can. You can move yourself with left-right keys and jump with the spacebar.

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12. Slalom Canoe

The London 2012 Slalom Canoe is an interactive Olympic doodle game where users are said to press the left and right cursor movement keys or arrow keys on the computer keyboard to paddle and row the canoe or kayak forward towards the allotted direction. 

13. Magic Cat Academy 

Google introduced Magic Cat Academy in 2016 to bring back that Halloween spirit. The game asks you to reach the depths of the ocean by defeating bosses that come on your way and eventually take the magical fight to the Big Boss ghost.


14. Crossword Puzzle

It is a fun game where you’ll have to fill in the small squares with words that go with the following definitions. The creators of the game also said that the puzzle is filled with words that contain some words both forward and backward. It features a total of words across and 70 words down.

15. Rubik’s Cube

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Rubik’s Cube includes the same mechanics as the real toy. Here, you’ll have to twist and turn the rows to create a full block of the same color on each side. It features six faces where each of them is covered by nine solid-color stickers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white.

16. The “Doctor Who” Doodle

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Google launched a game – Doctor Who which takes you to an adventure in the style of Crystal Castles. You can choose to take an avatar from any of the 11 doctors and even take rebirth as incarnations of other Doctors.

17. Basketball

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

Basketball, a google doodle game where you’ll have to make the player jump and put the ball in the basket. You’ll be doing this using your devices’ spacebar key. Eventually, the game level goes on becoming difficult, you’ll notice this by your players moving further away from the net.

18. Quick, Draw!

“Quick, Draw!” is a game similar to Pictionary where you’ll be prompted to draw a picture of an object and the second player will do the guessing. As of now, the game has collected over 1 billion hand-drawn doodles.

19. Baseball

Most Popular Google Doodle Games

This game happens to be quite different where your entire baseball team is made of food and your opponents – peanuts. To swing your bat, you click on your screen and that’s not it! Your team makes rotation from classic American foods from burgers and hot dogs to celeries (as the game was made in honor of July Fourth). 

20. The Pony Express

Based on the Pony Express founded 155 years ago, this game lets you collect letters and avoid obstacles while you race back on horse from California to Missouri. You’ll lose some of your letters if you run into any obstacles like rocks or cacti. You’ll arrive at your final destination the moment you cross the first two checkpoints where you’ll also find townsfolk cheering for you.   


What are the most popular Google doodle games?

The above-listed list covers all the popular Google doodle games.

Can I play old Google Doodle games?

Reach out to Google’s archive, there you’ll find all the old Google Doodle games.

How do I make a Google Doodle?

How to enter for making a Google Doodle: Download or print the entry form, doodle, write, and lastly submit the form.


So this was all about the list of Most Popular Google Doodle Games that you can enjoy playing to kill the time if you don’t have any major thing to do.

These cute games are definitely worth your time and can add to your list of interesting stuff.

What doodle games have you already played and if not which one is it that you’re going to play? Do you have any other doodle game on your mind? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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