App Has Been Rebranded As Tik Tok App Has Been Rebranded As Tik Tok

The popular social media app that had just reached a milestone of 100 million active users has come to an end. Leaving behind everyone with a shock rather than a surprise, the platform of short lip-syncing video creation has seen its termination on Thursday (2nd Aug). From a few days, the app was kinda giving hints to its users of a big change that was going to come soon on the app. But honestly, no user would have expected that this was the change they were giving signals about.

As app has been completely upgraded with a new name and logo of “Tik Tok”. Be it on their Instagram page or on the official account. The name has been replaced as TikTokIndia. So now when an existing user will update their app, their accounts will get switched to Tik Tok. And they will find their account settings and videos as usual on the new app.

This drastic transformation of the app has done by a Chinese company ByteDance. Who acquired back in November 2017. And they have absorbed with their own sister app Tik Tok which has reportedly 500 million active users worldwide. And is famous in China as “Douyin” app.

This new app will have the core features of just in a much-updated format. Talking about the changes there are way more cool features coming on the way. Such as “reaction” feature that allows users to react to friend’s videos. Enhanced creative tools like interactive gesture filters and “fun-house mirror camera effects”, and greenscreen-like background effects.

Tik Tok, the sound of ticking clock, has already started to make a place in the hearts of users with the new #MakeEverySecondCount. So now it all depends on the existing and future users.

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