What is Netflix download limit? Everything you need to know

What is Netflix download limit? Everything you need to know

OTT platforms have made the lockdown a tad bit easier since thousands of titles are available for streaming. Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5, etc. have excellent content and with their respective premium plans, you can download some shows or movies if you want. But not everything is rosy. All of these streaming platforms have some of the other limitations, especially when it comes to downloading various shows or movies. Some have a download limit, and some will expire after a period of time.

Downloading content on Netflix became possible in 2016 which came in handy if you wanted to watch a show on the go without an internet connection. However, the limitations on the said downloads have become irksome for many subscribers. So, if you are one of them and wondering what is Netflix download, this will be your guide. Let’s dive in!


What is Netflix download limit? Everything you need to know

As I’ve mentioned, there is a download limit in place that prohibits Netflix subscribers from downloading too many series and or movies. If you visit the Netflix support page, its users can download only up to 100 titles on a single device. They will then see an error that won’t let the users download any more videos.

Netflix download limit

It also depends on your Netflix subscription somewhat. You can download content on up to four devices. The major element that affects downloads is individual licensing. Even though some titles expire in 48 hours or 7 days, the majority of it depends on the agreement between Netflix and the maker of the title. For instance, users can no longer stream Friends in the US but in India, you can hit the play button right away.

Moreover, subscribers or users are informed about the expiration downloads just a week, or 7 days, before the expiration date. In case the downloaded show or TV is deleted from the platform itself then the downloads expire automatically.

The main question users have is why is there a limit in the first place since Netflix doesn’t operate in a free tier; it’s a completely paid OTT service. Scroll below for the answer.

Why is there a download limit?

Netflix not only lets you stream content from other creators but also TV shows, documentaries, and movies created under their banner. Netflix has no control over the content that does not belong to them; creators of said content control the download limits, which again depends on the title to title. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t show you the download limit on each title. So, users are alerted only when they have one download left.

Netflix download limit

Users won’t be able to know the exact expiration date of the titles. There’s another catch. There’s also a download limit to how many times you can download the same video. For instance, if you download some titles, again and again, you’ll have to wait for some time before you can download it again. Moreover, Netflix also extends the same download restrictions to its original content which is beyond anyone’s guess.

Some common download errors:

Netflix error code:10016-22005 “You have too many downloaded videos”

Users will get this error when they download more than 100 titles on their devices. So, if all the devices logged in with your account exceed the limit, you’ll get this error. Delete videos that you’ve already watched or you don’t need them.

Error code: 10016-23000 “You have downloads on too many devices”

It’s the same issue – too many downloads on all your devices. So, clear unwanted titles.

Error code: 10016-22007 “You have reached the yearly download limit for this video”

As I’ve already mentioned, you can download a title again and again and if you do, the yearly limit expires and you get this error. You cannot avoid this error. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection, I’d suggest that you stream the particular title.


Does Netflix have a limit?

It all depends on the Netflix plan you have opted for. The Basic plan lets you stream on one device; the Standard allows access to two devices and the more generous Premium tier lets you access content on four devices. In the app, you set up to 5 different profiles. This setting lets the four users maintain their personal settings and have an intact watch history.

How many downloads can you have on Netflix?

Netflix lets you download up to 100 videos on as many devices on the membership plan. 

How long do Netflix downloads stay?

It depends on the title (video) and individual licenses. Some content expires just 48 hours after you play it. Other displays the amount of time remaining before the content expires.

Is it better to download or stream Netflix?

If you are using Wi-Fi, both wouldn’t be a problem. When it comes to mobile data, streaming generally uses fewer data. When you download a file, it needs to be retrieved and stored before you can play it whereas, for streaming, you only need to hit the play button.



This is all about the Netflix download limit. Hope I could answer all the questions you had regarding downloading content on Netflix. To steer clear from such errors, I’d advise you to stream content rather than downloading. Since most of us are working from home, our Wi-Fi is active 24×7.

Have you encountered these errors? What did you do to solve them? Let us know in the comments section.

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