New Instagram update now lets you add multiple photos in one Story post

The new 'layout’ feature is launching globally today.

Facebook-owned Instagram is adding a new feature to its Story segment. Dubbed as Layout, it will now let you add up to six photos in your Stories. Instagram announced the feature in a tweet.

Stories is the most used feature so it’s probable that this feature will be a popular one. Earlier, people used third-party apps to accommodate multiple photos in a single Story. Now, when this feature will roll out to billions of users they will surely uninstall the said third-party apps as the same feature will in-built. If you remember Boomerang, it gave GIF-making apps a run for their money.

This year, Instagram has directed its focus on Stories as multiple updates have graced the feature. The list of what Stories can do has certainly increased. Adding music to Stories, Create mode, quiz, questions, etc. has made the segment popular amongst Instagrammers.




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