New Instagram Updates this Month

Instagram is a social media app launched in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, it was later brought by Facebook in 2012. With over 1 Billion downloads, there is no doubt Instagram is the most loved app in the market. And nowadays its trying its best to make Instagramming a much bigger and better experience. Just a few days ago it came out with questions on the story update, and its back again with a few more.

Instagram is going crazy and is set to kick-ass with its new features.

The new update blows a strike to Snapchat and Facebook, while snapchat is busy with dog filters Instagram has come up with updates like-

1. Mute Users

We all have those friends that spam our feeds with their stories, so what to do when this happens?  Mute is the answer to this problem. Now you can mute your friend’s story and don’t have to see their stories again without unfollowing or offending them. This app is a blessing in disguise, perfect for the who like making their post-viewing experience a more personal one.

2. Emoji React

This reaction feature is very similar to the facebook react and works exactly like that. Now you can react to your friend’s stories with the emoji of your choice. These emojis are called ‘Quick Reaction’. In the Direct Message section, you can find the reaction to your photo or video.

3. Calendar view for your Instagram Stories

It is also bringing the calendar view for your posts. At first, all you could do was archive your post but now you can view your posts in the calendar. The tabs will be placed next to the archive option and will make it easier for you to view how often do you post stories.

We are seeing Instagram change and update themselves into a more interactive and fun platform for a while, but the recent updates have pushed insta a notch higher on the scale. As the user experience improves so does the value of the application.

Comment down below your favorite feature and your experience with it.


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    Great post. As a Instagram user we need to know the latest updates of this social media platform and thank you so much for sharing this post with us. These updates are really cool and it will Instagram users to get more from it.

    Thansk for sharing.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen Verma


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