New YouTube Homepage Design Brings Larger Thumbnails and New Features

The update targets desktop and tablets.

Google has been focusing on UI tweaks lately and the newest example is the refreshed YouTube Homepage which has undergone some changes. This new UI started rolling out on the standard desktop site on Thursday. The update will be carried out in stages, classic Google style. Android and iOS apps meant for tablets will also get the UI soon.

Google rolls out new YouTube Homepage along with a fresh look and new features for desktop and tablets

What has changed?

Google rolls out new YouTube Homepage along with a fresh look and new features for desktop and tablets

The GIF clearly shows that not a lot has changed but they aren’t subtle. The new-look now shows longer video titles and a bit larger thumbnails. This, Google says, will give users a better idea of the content of the videos before clicking on them. The firm also removed some content shelves but the rows that suggest breaking news, music mixes and more is still present. The GIF also shows that the homepage also emphasizes on the channel icons just ahead of the video’s title. This is what Google recently did with its search results.

Other features:

There’s an interesting addition. ‘Add to Queue’ option will enable the users to select a few videos to watch next without actually intruding on the content they are watching. The firm said, “Videos in your queue won’t save after you’ve closed your browser, but you can always save videos to your permanent “Watch Later” playlist, too.”

You can also remove the unwanted suggestion that can be triggered by clicking on ‘Don’t Recommend Channel.’ This feature is super-handy and I will love this. It has happened with me multiple times that when I like a video from some unknown channel, it keeps showing on my home screen. To do that, you’ll have to just select the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage, and then select the ‘Don’t recommend channel’ option from the popup menu, as seen below.

Forthcoming Features:

Apart from the above-outlined changes, the YouTube website will get a new set of features that we have come to love on the Android app. One of them is the feature that enables the users to select their favorite topics and customize their Home feed with related videos.


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