7 Number of Ways to Grow Instagram Audience Quickly and Effectively

With over 1 billion registered users, 400 million logging in daily, Instagram is the fastest growing social network. This is the social network of big-name socialites; Kim Kardashian, Tyler Perry, Money Mayweather and so on. Everyone wants to be Instafamous and keep growing the Insta likes.  Beautiful smiles and happy people dominate the pictures and videos on Instagram.

An approximated 60%+ plus of people under 30 years in the US are active Instagram users. This is pretty much the representative picture of Instagram users worldwide. As such, any brand that is serious about connecting to millennials has to think of ways to get visible and engaging on Instagram.

How can a brand grow its Instagram audience quickly and effectively?

1. Video is a king

The Instagram demographic has little time to read wordy posts. They prefer short engaging videos. This is why video rich content providers like Buzzfeed have millions of followers. The Instagram Stories feature is probably the most engaging social network feature at the moment. Growing an audience needs thoughtful and video content generation.

2. Understand hashtagging

Instagram content rides on hashtags. By using the right hashtags, a brand can place its content in front of other people who are looking at the same hashtags.  The trick lies in using relevant and trending hashtags, but not too overcrowded ones, as posts under these hashtags sink in faster than anyone can notice.  Instagram allows up to 20 hashtags per post.

3. Constant engagement

Pretty much everyone is looking to get as many Instagram likes as possible and become an Instagram celebrity.  Engagement on this platform involves liking a lot of your followers’ content. The follow-like-like-like formula is very popular and effective. This means following then liking the last three recent photos of a user expecting they will do the same.

4. Geotagging

This is a smartphone-enabled phenomenon where photos show a geographical location. Anyone else in this area can see the shared content.

5. Consistency

The truth is that a new brand will find it a bit difficult to get thousands of likes. But a brand that understands its clientele is able to leverage on this knowledge to deliver the right content.

6. Deploy Instagram filters and other tools

Instagram has several tools that can add spice to ordinary content. Instagram filters are very effective in the altering pictures. There are over 7 filters ranging from colorful to sepia tones. Instagram has a wide choice of filters that will reduce the water in sludge to make the right age in the pictures.

7. Call to action

The sure thing is that most Instagram users are more willing to take an instruction more than other social media users. Do you think that a certain post deserves 10,000 Instagram likes? It is just a simple matter of asking followers to like. The interesting thing is that you can actually purchase Insta likes and get thousands of them in minutes. Companies like BuySocialMediaMarketing charge as low as $35.99 for 10,000 Instagram likes.

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Any brand that is serious in its digital marketing efforts, cannot afford to ignore growing an audience on Instagram. This is the social network of the moment and the foreseeable future. Join today to enjoy its benefits!

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