Office Lens vs CamScanner: Which is the Best Document Scanner?

Aren’t mobile phones replacing Everything? The first thing on waking up and the last thing before falling asleep is scrolling through your phone. Do we ever leave our house without them? We NEED them at parties, movies, trips or even at the spa! Well, then how can we miss out on the fact that mobiles are a Useful Business Tool ?!

And by Business Tool we mean “really crucial tool”. With so many applications coming up every once in a while; we HAVE TO install the scanning apps that make digitized existence of documents possible. Because it is nearly impossible to categorize, store, share, sync each document manually. Besides, we have always had the fear of losing out on important receipts, bills, business documents and so on.

And so these scanning apps have made life a lot easier and we highly recommend the document scanning apps for your peace of mind and ease of access. Well speaking of which, you must have heard of the two best document scanning applications: OfficeLens and CamScanner. But you only want The Best App to occupy your Storage Space! How do you decide?

Let me help! So given below is the description of both these apps which will help you make an informed decision. Let’s begin!


Being the first of its kind; you must have probably heard of this application. It allows you to not only scan documents but also to crop and save them. With it, you can apply various filters to give it the cleaner look. Moreover, you can sync and collaborate across Smartphones, Tablets, iPads, and Computers. So now, lose the fear of preserving documents and go digital. You can also easily share the scanned documents in PDF or JPEG Format via Social Media Post, Email attachments or downloadable Links. With Camscanner, you can instantly Print out documents from a printer nearby and can Fax it to over 30 countries using the app.

While all these features come free; Camscanner also presents the Premium Subscription Service. With this service, you can add 40 Members more to the list of collaborators against 10 in the free version, add 10 GB of Cloud space, remove Ads or Watermarks, get ID mode and Book mode Scan. All of this just for $4.99/month and at $49.99/year. And if you just want to scan and store documents for emergency situations then you always have the option to do so with Camscanner’s Free Version.

Office Lens vs CamScanner

Main Features:

  • Use tags to categorize documents.
  • Make annotations with editing tools.
  • Add customized watermarks.
  • Advanced OCR technology.
  • Supports, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox.

Office Lens

This application has made Microsoft a completely fulfilling package of Office Applications. It already had the apps to create, edit and store documents but now it has come up with its own Document Scanner. So now, you can digitize documents on-the-go, use OCR, Edit documents, add Collaborators, Save and Share them and Sync them to the cloud. All of it with the great Microsoft. Keep your business contacts handy by scanning them and saving the information to your contact list. Need to categorize or annotate a document? Simply sync and share the document on OneNote or OneDrive and you are good to go.

Get productive at School by scanning and sharing classroom handouts and notes with Office Lens. It supports languages namely; English, German, Spanish and simplified Chinese. Get Organized in your day-to-day life by categorizing and storing various documents at one place and never fear about losing them or having to endlessly search for them.

Office Lens vs CamScanner

Main Features:

  • Removes glare for a better look.
  • Save as PDF, OneDrive, OneNote, Word or PowerPoint.
  • Free of cost and Ad-free.
  • Whiteboard/Business card/Document/Photo; works with all
  • Named one of the “Best Apps of 2015” in the U.S. and Puerto Rico by Google Play.


To wrap it up, both the applications are reliable and fulfill the users’ expectations. But if you need to accurately crop the documents, need the app for serious business purpose and don’t mind spending a few bucks then you should go for CamScanner. On the other hand, if you want an app that is free, works with 3rd Party services and have a Microsoft account then go ahead to download Office Lens.


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