OnePlus 7 Pro & OnePlus 7 Won’t Have Any IP Ratings for Water Resistance

OnePlus has released yet another teaser in part of its relentless campaign to elevate the hype for the upcoming OnePlus 7. While the earlier tweets told us about the OnePlus 7’s speed and cameras, this new teaser focuses on waterproofing – well – the lack of it. Yes, another OnePlus device with no IP rating! Why you may ask? Well, OnePlus clarified in an official tweet that IP rating costs money and then featuring a bucket, assuming OnePlus 7 can be donked into a bucket.

Hold on! Don’t even think of submerging the unannounced, unofficial OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro as the lack of IP ratings doesn’t make the devices trustworthy to be taken for a swim. While Samsung and Apple do provide the topmost IP ratings, there is a warning on how to use it.

IP68, which the latest Samsung smartphones are equipped with, can be used in water for over 1 meter and for just an hour or so. You can’t even take them swimming as the chlorine water might mess with the internals. Unless you are a OnePlus fanatic and overtly trust them, you shouldn’t think of water and OnePlus together. Or the bucket. It won’t help either.

While some say this decision was made to keep the OnePlus worthy of its flagship killer tag, some are criticizing this move pointing to careless innovations (Like Apple removed the headphone jack in the guise of technology.)

Watch this space as we’ll cover all the aspects of OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro once they are officially unveiled on May 14.


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