OnePlus Becomes The Fifth Largest Premium Smartphone Brand Worldwide

With each passing year, smartphones are becoming more advanced which comes with a price, literally. Where Samsung has recently launched a new technology of folding phones for a whopping $1980 (₹1,37,000 approximately), there only a select few manufacturers who offer a premium-feeling smartphone for an affordable price. Amongst such stiff competition, Chinese manufacturer OnePlus started making smartphones with similar specification to that of the Samsung phone but for half the price. The OnePlus One, launched back in 2014, was priced $299 (roughly around ₹21,000) while Samsung Galaxy S5, which was launched the same year, priced $649.99 (roughly around ₹40,000). You got good hardware and snappy software for half the price.

Fast forward to 2019, OnePlus is now wearing the crown of the 5th largest premium smartphone brand in the world, according to a report by Counterpoint. The selling factors are much, including strong sales of the OnePlus 6T and thanks to its pocket-friendly price tag, they captured 36% of the Indian smartphone market. Soon, OnePlus saw a tremendous 209% year-on-year growth, which can be attributed to its strong sales figures in China, India and Western Europe.

The report shows that Apple still rules in terms of sales, which obviously paved the way for its ‘first trillion-dollar firm’ tag. Samsung stood the second with a 22% share. Huawei showed growth from 8% to 10% and OPPO gained a 6% growth as compared to 2017’s 1% market share.

With just a few weeks for the OnePlus 7 launch, it might further the sales figure as the upgrades like 5G, pop-up cameras could be the selling point.

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