OnePlus: The journey to 6 [Infographic]

No one will dare call OnePlus a small sensation. Founded by Pete Lau and Carl Pei in December 2013, this Chinese manufacturing company entered the world of mobile phones with the OnePlus One, a splendid entry that earned OnePlus a lot of fame.

However, OnePlus has come a long way since then. The first-ever smartphone launched by OnePlus was powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor paired with a 3 GB RAM. At that time, most other mid-range phones were quite primitive and still offered 1 GB RAM. Although some flagship smartphones of that time did come with 3 GB RAM, OnePlus One still beat them with its storage, RAM, and the jaw-dropping low-cost price.

OnePlus continued to grow steadily, and its massive fame came with the OnePlus 5, which was launched last year. Although OnePlus 5 was and still is an amazing pick, compared to many smartphones and flagship phones, OnePlus 6 offers better.

The flagship killer, OnePlus, was successful in releasing yet another impressively built smartphone at a time when high-end and super expensive iPhones are all people can talk about.

Despite the brilliant design and make of the OnePlus One, the newest addition to the OnePlus family, OnePlus 6, is by far the most well-designed and beautiful addition. Without any unnecessary bezels, and a notch, the phone stands to give competition to iPhone line-ups and other heavy flagships.

Unlike the previous model, OnePlus 6 houses dual rear cameras which are stacked one beneath the other. Furthermore, the non-glossy back of OnePlus 5 has been swapped for a glossy, dazzling back in the OnePlus 6. The size and the shape of the back-fingerprint sensor have seen a bit of a change. OnePlus 6 houses an oval-shaped fingerprint sensor, unlike the previous OnePlus smartphone.

OnePlus: The Journey to 6
An infographic by Topcut

When compared you look back at the OnePlus One and see how far One Plus has come in their developments, you realize that this is nothing short of extraordinary. The company has made many efforts in improving its charging issues as faced by the initial two phones. A lot of the heating and OS issues are now nothing but a distant dream.

Offering its users a seamless experience of the unique Oxygen OS, the company has made considerable changes in the design and UI of their phones. Learning from its previous mistakes, OnePlus 6 is the epitome of OnePlus’ success and hard work. The OnePlus 6 stands true to the company’s motto “Never Settle.” Here’s an infographic from the team at Topcut that walks you through the OnePlus’ journey.


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