OnePlus TV promises three years of Upgrades for its TV

OnePlus has revolutionized the world of smartphones and it will soon do the same for televisions. The Chinese manufacturer will take the wraps off its OnePlus TV soon and the tech world is quite excited. It is in the news again and for the right reasons.

OnePlus TV promises three years of Upgrades for it TV

Company CEO Pete Lau has revealed in a post that the TV, like its smartphone line, will get timely updates along with three years of upgrades. It seems that OnePlus wants to establish an IoT ecosystem, starting with the TV.

OnePlus TV promises three years of Upgrades for it TV

CEO Pete Lau said, “OnePlus TV is our first step to gradually establish a OnePlus IoT ecosystem. In order to do so, we had to choose an operating system that can interact and seamlessly connect with your Android phone. Android TV is a natural choice. With a strong strategic partnership with Google, we’re able to work alongside Google to optimize the Android TV user experience and offer our users Android TV updates for at least 3 years.

He further revealed that the TV will be based on Android TV operating system, which includes Play Store and Google Assistant innately.

“Earlier this year, we released the OnePlus 7 Pro with an advanced 90 Hz display, designed to deliver an unrivaled sense of smoothness. This focus on our ‘fast and smooth’ philosophy has always been greatly appreciated by our users, which is why we were determined to make sure using the OnePlus TV would be no different,” said Pete.

“As we approach the OnePlus TV’s launch, I am starting to get more and more excited about our very first TV. I’m incredibly grateful for what our team, with the help of our community, managed to achieve, and I can’t wait to see your reaction when the OnePlus TV finds its way into your living room,” he added.



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