OnePlus TV Remote revealed by CEO Pete Lau

Since OnePlus has announced the release of its TV, every minute detail related to it has been shared in the news. Recently, OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau has shared a picture of OnePlus TV remote on his twitter account. Pete Lau has not given the details about the remote but from the image shared by him, we can make some observations.

As we can see in the image, OnePlus TV remote will have a USB-C port, regular Android navigation buttons, Google Assistant button, and a OnePlus button. Moreover, there is also one unmentioned button at the bottom which we assume can be for the power button and a touchpad at the top. The button with the OnePlus logo on it will take you to OnePlus-specific apps. There is a Volume key on the right side of the remote and at the bottom, there is a Type-C port for charging.

OnePlus TV Remote has been compared to the Apple Remote as it resembles the Apple TV Siri Remote in many ways. However, Apple Siri Remote was considered to be the worst in the history of televisions as the buttons on the remote came with no markings. There is a volume rocker with chamfered edges on the right. The Google Assistant button is colorful while all the other keys on the remote have white markings on them.

OnePlus has been sharing details about its TV frequently. OnePlus Smart TV is said to have an 8-speaker configuration to deliver 50W sound output, Chromecast built-in and Google Play services. Moreover, OnePlus TV will aim to take on premium players like Samsung, LG, and Sony. The remote will be launched soon this month but the date of its release is yet to be revealed. However, we will definitely get to see more teasers ahead of the launch.


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