OnePlus’s Concept One can hide its rear cameras

The phone's Papaya leather is the same that is found on McLaren's seats.

CES 2020 is hot right. From Sony’s Vision-S to many new innovations, OnePlus brought its own pizzaz with its concept phone. Called the ‘Concept One,’ it was demonstrated with a feature that attracted many eyeballs at the event. Concept One’s rear glass can be concealed to hide the cameras. Cute, right?

OnePlus's Concept One can hide its rear cameras
Image Source: 9to5 Google

The feature was teased earlier this week and according to critics who’ve seen it first hand, it works incredibly well. The camera lenses become completely opaque beneath a simple dark glass until you use the cameras. But the feature doesn’t make sense. It would have made more sense had this feature been implemented into the front camera. So, OnePlus gave the glass double duties.

The glass can also become semi-transparent, which means that this turns the feature into a neutral density filter. This will allow you to click photos and videos in very dazzling sunlight without everything getting blown out. In order to use the feature, you’ll need to use the Pro mode in OnePlus camera. Toggle the ND8 button. Click on it and you will something similar to a three f-stop reduction.

Apart from the peek-a-boo cameras, Concept One’s Papaya Orange leather back stirred some wow from the audiences. The stitched leather on the back is inspired by McLaren and PVD-treated aluminum that gives the phone a sparkling look with a hint of gold.

According to OnePlus, this technology will make it a norm for phones with four or more cameras on the back. But remember, this is a concept phone. It might look cool but you should wait for it to get implemented by a few manufacturers.


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