10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

The are plenty of suggestion about the proper ways to optimize your Facebook Business page. While some people say use keywords in the Facebook URL to optimise your page, others advice to insert specific keyword phrases in your Facebook content.

Both suggestions are true. However, searching Google to find most natural ways to optimize your Facebook business page to get the most organic (free) traffic can be a drag. Here are ten simplest ideas that I’ve discovered that have worked well for me.

10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

1. Select a Brandable Facebook Name

Think about branding Facebook page. Branding helps define your business. It tells your potential customers who you are and what you offer. It has to be clear, short, and easy to remember.

Branding your Facebook business page for search engines ( and customers) is simple. You just have to insert few key phrases that define your business. For example, perhaps you might want to create a brand (image) of yourself as an SEO marketer giving away free SEO tips. You can choose a Facebook business page name like ‘SEO Marketer in Virginia – John Doe.’

A lot of newbie marketers get tempted to stuff their Facebook business page with keyword phrases like John Doe SEO tips, on-page SEO, free keyword tips, social media tactics, etc. But, stuffing keywords like this will only hurt your viral growth with Facebook.

If your page appears to be spammy, even if you don’t intend to, your readers (followers) will be less likely to interact with your page.

Instead of posting self-serving articles, provide tons of value and useful information to build a quality following.

Insider tip: Google gives high importance to the first word on your Facebook page. Make sure to include the most important phrases that define your business, and make it short and self-explanatory like “SEO Blogger in Virginia – John Doe.”

2. Build out own your tabs that apply to your brand.

Facebook business page acts just like a website. You can quickly create “About,” “Photos,” “Events,” and many more tabs.

So take an extra 20 minutes to create tabs that are relevant to your brand. For example, if you’re running an online store, you can also create an eCommerce tab that’ll showcase your products and services to interested buyers.

3. Create a custom URL for your Facebook page

You are allowed to create a ‘custom’ URL for your Facebook business page as long as you have more than 25 likes. If you manage to get as far as this, I suggest that you include URLs such as your business name, your top-selling product, your services, or whatever else interested consumers are most likely to plough the Internet.

It can also be a top SEO keyword.

Insider tip: When choosing a URL, make sure to pick it carefully, because once you’ve set it, you’ll be stuck with it forever.

4. Pin the most detailed, eye-catching, or persuasive post on your page.

Maybe it was a Friday today, and you just posted a funny meme about it on your Facebook page. But, let me ask you something: if your potential customer sees this funny meme the first thing on your page, will it help create that great first impression? Not likely, huh?

With Pinned Posts, you can show your excellent posts at the top of your Facebook page to create the ‘right’ first-impression with your potential customers. Using this handy Facebook feature, pin the most impressive, detailed, and engaging post you have ever created for your business.

5. Tag your fans

How do you connect with your customer on Facebook, if they need some help? The answer is simple: tag your customers. In Facebook, there’s a handy tool that helps provide a personalised experience for your subscribers.

All you have to do is type the “@” sign and follow it up by typing the customer’s name you’re communicating with, and it will immediately tag them in a post.

Insider tip: Do you want to gain more fans to your page? Go to your customer’s wall, and in addition to tagging it, link back to your business page.

6. Create your video playlist

Videos are potent to draw in users and grab their fluctuating attention.

But, don’t just copy paste a YouTube link there. Upload your videos directly to your Facebook business page and create a playlist. This way, whenever your followers land on your page, they can easily watch your videos in succession.

Posting videos on a Facebook page not only gets you more views, but it also helps makes the experience more comfortable and more convenient for would-be customers.

7. Personalize your vanity URL

Dynamic URL is automatically created for you when you sign up for Facebook. But, never use these dynamic URL, because they’re personal. Instead, make your address seem more relevant to your brand name by customizing your Facebook vanity URL. Make it easy to remember and unique.

10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

And, your page title has to match with your Facebook vanity URL as it will help reinforce your brand image.

Personalizing your URL also makes it more likely to be found both Facebook search engine and in Google search engine.

8. Make your profile complete

Make sure your Facebook business page is up-to-date. Make your cover photo, profile picture (avatar), profile info, bio, and everything else are complete and update. You see, a complete profile sets you as someone who is professional in his dealings and tells your target audience that you are engaged.

Besides making your profile up-to-date, focus on make the theme of your Facebook page consistent across all your social media channels.

For example, if you’re using visuals on your page, make sure to match it across all social media channel. Crop a photo 851px by 315px for your Facebook cover. Use similar tone and voice across all your pages to foster better communication with your audience and create your unique marketing persona.

9. Show that you care

Your Facebook followers don’t want to be part of a sales-campaign. Now and then, take some time to write a quick thank you note, or any other similar status updates that show you care about them.

Let me give you an example: “Thank God it’s Friday! What are you doing this weekend to take your mind off the grind?”

By posting status similar to this, you’ll quickly create a tight bond with your fanbase and help boost positive engagement on your page. It’s a win-win situation.

10 Simplest Ways To Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

10. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page with main business keywords tactfully

Do not underestimate the significance of optimizing your Facebook business page for relevant keywords. For best results, include your ‘root’ (main) keywords in different sections of your page – i.e., in the page URL, page title, in the “About Us’ section, as these keywords will be displayed on the front page and in Google search results, too.

Remember: the title tag corresponds to the name of your Facebook business page, while the meta description tag works as your short description. No matter what you do, always make sure not to overuse (stuff) keywords. Use no more than top six keywords and insert them naturally so that they fit the context correctly.

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