Photos of the Xbox Series X leak on Twitter

Xbox has fallen to the leak. The photos of the upcoming Xbox Series X surfaced on Twitter, revealing its design and form factor. The photos first emerged on Neogaf, and then appeared on Twitter. The images reveal how the console could look from the front and back.

The Xbox Series X will come in black color and has a rectangular form factor. The purported Series X could have been a photoshopped image but the above two images aren’t. Moreover, Brad Sams’ report corroborates as he has seen the same machine that has been leaked.

Coming back to the console, it’s covered with a lot of vents. Each side of the ports has vents. The ports consist of an HDMI port, two USB ports on the back and one at the front, an Ethernet port, power and audio port, and a disclosed rectangular slot that has no label. The front side of the console has a disc drive. What’s missing here is the HDMI-in slot. Lack of it would mean that you won’t be able to connect a cable box to the console.

The images clearly say that it’s a prototype. Even though the Xbox Series X might not look like the Series X we are used to seeing at the end of the year, it’s pretty close to the final product.

It is rumored that the console will be made official by the end of December but the PS5 would be official by then. It will be interesting to see which console steals the gamers’ hearts and their wallets.


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