Top 5 Places to Start Learning SEO as a Beginner

Having a grounding in search engine optimization is integral to running a successful website. Without it, your site is going to struggle to get ranked by Google and others and therefore won’t reach its traffic potential. Unfortunately, for many beginners learning about SEO can be a daunting process because there’s so much information out there. What really works and what doesn’t? What’s outdated and what’s cutting edge? Who’s just trying to sell you something? How do you apply SEO on the specific platform you use to manage your website?

The good news is that if you’re serious about learning SEO, there are a number of high-quality resources that will give it to you straight. Let’s take a closer look at Places to Start Learning SEO as a Beginner.

1. MOZ

Moz is one of the largest and most respected SEO resources on the web and on the face of it one of those places that look pretty daunting for beginners. Fortunately, if you click on through, they have a dedicated section for beginners that goes over everything you need to know step by step.

 Once you’ve got the basics down, following MOZ will keep you updated with new tips, changes to Google’s search algorithm, and other information that’s of use to webmasters.

2. SEO Tools

Learning about SEO is one thing, but implementing it is another. Along the way, you’re going to have to use tools and software to get the job done efficiently. This is especially true when doing keyword research.

SEO Book’s tools sub-site is an excellent database, including web-based SEO tools, browser extensions, and more advanced software. These cover the basics, as well as keyword research, tracking and analytics, and link building. Once you’ve started your SEO journey you’ll soon realize that some tools like SEM Rush cost money. This can be well worth the investment when you find something legitimate, so make sure to do your research and follow the sites we’ve mentioned to learn about the best tools.

If you’re just starting out and your site doesn’t turn a profit, getting a loan from sites like Elc Loans to stock up on premium tools, can get the ball rolling. If your time is limited you might even consider paying for SEO services, but it’s always wise to learn it yourself.

3. Google

Google is by far the biggest search engine and usually what everyone focuses on when doing SEO. So who might be a good authority to learn from if you want your site to do well in Google search?

You guessed it – Google!

There was a time when SEO was a bit of a mystery and Google kept tight-lipped. Not anymore. They have a number of pages dedicated to SEO in their webmaster support section, as well as a PDF document just for beginners. Although he left in early 2017, the blog of former Google search exec Matt Cutts is also a treasure trove of SEO tips and myth busting.

4. Authority Hacker

There are many reasons you might want to start a website, but if one of those is to lead your niche and make money, Authority Hacker is a good place to start. They teach you SEO alongside a broader range of internet marketing topics, within the context of treating your site as a business and maximizing revenue.

5. Webmaster World

Reading blog posts and how-to guides from reputable websites is a great way to learn SEO, but what happens when you have questions or want to engage more directly? This is where Webmaster World comes in; one of the longest-running SEO and webmaster forums on the internet.

As long as you abide by the rules when posting, you’re guaranteed to get good advice from the friendly community. The thousands of posts dating back to the early days of the web are full of valuable information.

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After a year or so soaking in all of the knowledge, you might be surprised when you start giving out tips to newbies yourself!

Learning SEO, implementing it and then seeing the results of your hard work is a satisfying feeling. By checking out the above sites we’re sure you’ll be on the road to success!



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