New rumor points that the PlayStation 5 to come with a 2TB SSD base model

The 2TB SSD will cost $499.

Even before Sony confirmed the launch of the PlayStation 5, there were multiple leaks and rumors that suggested what the device could be like. A new leak gives a juicy detail and fans are going to love this. The base model might come with 2TB storage.

New rumor points that the PlayStation 5 to come with a 2TB SSD base model

PSErebus has revealed on its Twitter handle that the base variant of the PlayStation 5 will equip a whopping 2TB SSD which will retail for $499 (approximately ₹37,700) when it will officially launch next year. The threads of tweets deeply investigated Sony’s history with launching the PlayStation upgrades.

PSErebus adds that the PS3, which was launched in 2012 with a 500GB HDD, came with a $299 price tag, and Sony followed it with the first PS4 in 2013, which also had a 500GB HDD for $399. He alleged that Sony might use the same policy for the upcoming PS5. It’s remarkable that Sony has released a 2TB PS4 in Japan for $499 in 2018, and judging by the PS3 and PS4’s history, the PlayStation 5 could come with a 2TB base model for $499 as well.

If Sony indeed uses an SSD instead of HDDs, games would load much faster and a base storage of 2TB would mean tonnes of games without worrying about the storage. Also, games for the PS5 will likely be huge in size, and Sony has even confirmed that games will ship of 100GB disks.


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