PlayStation 5’s Newer Design will stun its Fans

Leaks and rumors are often close to the original products. While sometimes these rumors take a hit, we do want the newer PlayStation leaks to be accurate. The leaks, which leaked through patent drawings, take a different design path than its predecessors. Dutch Go Digital spotted the patent.

PlayStation 5's Newer Design will stun its Fans

It was submitted in Brazil this May and published at the World Intellectual Property Office, where it was categorized in electronic devices. Apparently, the design is Yushiro Ootori’s brainchild, who is Sony’s technical director. Let’s Go Digital soon created renders for the drawings found in the patents which give us the first look of the upcoming PlayStation 5.

One cannot doubt the design leak of PlayStation 5 as the classification of the patent which is also where the PlayStation 4 is categorized. But we advise you to take this rumor with a pinch of salt as Sony hasn’t officially confirmed this. Game developer and Codemasters’ senior artist confirmed that the design is actually what the PlayStation 5 would look like. According to him, the device was the PlayStation 5 development kit, but it might end up as the final design for the console.

PlayStation 5's Newer Design will stun its Fans

Looking at the design, the cutout at the top stands out, which could be designed to provide additional ventilation, and the console also provides five USB ports and several buttons at the front. One can also find two USB ports at the back.

The PlayStation 5 could see an official launch somewhere between 2020-2021. It will be powered by AMD chips that will support ray tracing, 3D audio, and 8K graphics. In addition, a leaked benchmark test proves that the wait would be worth as the PlayStation 5 will be four times more powerful than the PlayStation 4.



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