POS vs Cash Registers – Why A Retail POS System Beats A Cash Register Any Day

If you’ve only just started your retail store, you’ve probably thought about adding a cash register. After all, you need something to make sure payments are happening and some record is being kept of the same, yes? But you’ve also probably heard of retail POS systems, the really advanced kind. In this day and age of doing business, it’s imperative to have an advanced POS system as opposed to a simplified cash register.  

Here’s an honest breakdown of the two and why you should really opt for which one- along with some myths about POS that you might have, debunked.

POS vs Cash Registers - Why A Retail POS System Beats A Cash Register Any Day

Looking at Cost vs Features

Straight up, cash registers will definitely cost you less. That’s a fact. A standard cash register that will ring up your sales, give receipts and take payments through cash, credit, and a check will cost you about 90 USD and up. Not a bad price for a cash register.

A retail POS system, however, is priced differently. It’s a computerized system that streamlines all sales, business operations, and payments in one system that can even be remotely managed. You’re even given regular reports and some POS systems even manage inventory. The price starts at 99 USD and goes up.

But that’s a simple breakdown of what can be done with each of these systems. The real effort lies in figuring out what you need doing in the first place. Assessing your business needs is very important before settling on either a POS or cash register.

What you can do with a Cash Register vs Retail POS

A basic cash register can; provide daily tallies, process sales with credit cards, accept cash and cheque payments, track sales across departments, print receipts, add tax amounts to overall sales, allow for employee sign in/out, and display price to customers during checkout. These are some basic features. But the question you must as is- is this enough? Are these the only functions you want to keep at with your retail business? Is there any way a POS can do more for your store in the long term?

A retail POS system can not only do those functions easily but much more as well. One of the most helpful things a POS can do is manage customer data. This will allow your retail business to have an edge over your competitors and provide a customized and personal shopping experience. Besides this, you can also connect the POS to a website and track and process sales and returns- not to mention payments. Inventory management is also streamlined with a POS. Using all of this data, you can market more effective discount and loyalty programs.  

POS: Myths Debunked

There are still a large group of people who believe that POS isn’t worth the hassle. And by hassle, they generally mean the large bulky computers that come with POS systems. They’re tech-heavy and expensive is what is the general consensus.

You stand to be very pleasantly surprised by the current retail POS systems in the market. They’re the opposite of all of the things believed about them. Earlier, sure, most retailers had to keep huge bulky computers in the back rooms to store all the data. However, with cloud technology, we’ve come a long way. Not only is cloud technology free of any physical space, but it’s also easily synced and you can access all the same data from different devices from anywhere in the world.

The Best of POS- Shopify

Besides, if you need a live example, consider Shopify. This retail POS system greatly reduces costs and comes with customizable features and functions. It does all of the jobs listed above and provides round the clock service for if you ever struggle with the software or the device. With Shopify, you can also say goodbye to any security issues you have. It combines all the latest tech in the market and can incorporate even multiple security cameras from various locations.

But it isn’t only for those looking to add tech to their retail business. If you want the most basic retail needs, you might be tempted to opt for a simple cash register. Shopify still has POS plans for those looking for the bare minimum- and the price, security, and integration you get is unmatched with a cash register in every way. There’s no reason to think that you or your business can’t stand to benefit from Shopify POS.

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  1. Good Post! There are lot of business still don’t use pos software but it gives lot of benefits to your business. In fact it makes it easy to run a business and improves cash flow (which is very crucial for business)


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