Prices of accessories of OnePlus 6T leaked

There is a new leak before the OnePlus 6T mobile phone launch. Now the leaked information is about the accessories and price of them as well.

The leak revealed by MySmart price suggests that there will be a total of seven accessories that will be announced with the phone. Out of which five will be covers and cases.

The remaining two accessories are what makes things interesting. The phone might ditch 3.55 mm headphone jack. That is because Oneplus similar to Apple will now require you to buy a USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter for your smartphones.

The company would also be selling a pair of Bullet earphones separately.

If we talk more about the covers. OnePlus will release three bumper cases [Nylon, Ebony Wood, Carbon] and two protective cases [Sandstone and Carbon].

The leaked list also reveals the price but are in Euros. The Indian prices are usually a tad lower when converted to Rupee.

According to the report USB Type C Bullets Earphones and USB C  to 3.5mm jack adapter cable will be priced 19.95 [roughly Rs 1,600] and 8.95 Euro [roughly Rs 750].

Whereas the Nylon bumper case will be priced 26.95 Euro[roughly Rs 2270], the Ebony will be priced 31.95 Euro [roughly Rs 2690], Karbon bumper case 31.95 Euro [roughly Rs 2690]. And the Sandstone protective case at 21.95 [roughly Rs 1850] and Karbon protective case at 26.95 Euro [roughly Rs 2,270].

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