How to Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post

Are you all set to press publish button after writing a detailed blog post on your blog?

Do you think by pressing publish button, your work for your blog is over?

Do you think people will come automatically and start reading your epic post and you will start getting huge traffic instantly?

Let’s face the reality here:

No matter how awesome your content is if you don’t promote it…you cannot get traffic from it.

It is observed that majority of traffic that comes to a blog post, comes when you publish a new blog post.

So you need to put your efforts in blog post promotion too if you are really serious about blogging and your content. Without promotion, you cannot achieve whatever you aimed with your awesome content.

So today, I am here to show you some of the promotional ways that you can use to get tons of traffic towards your new blog post. I am not going to show you a huge list of promotional ways rather I am only going to show the ways which are proven and used by many people.

So are you ready to promote your articles? Let’s get started right away…!!!

1. Email Your Post to Your Email List

Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post

Your Email List should be your number one promotional method when it comes to gain traffic from the newly published blog post.

“Email Lists are very powerful.”

Most of the popular bloggers are using Email Marketing very efficiently and as per Darren Rowse who is the founder of a highly successful blog called ProBlogger, traffic gets doubled whenever he sends newsletters to their Email List.

So I am sure the above experiment is enough for you to understand the importance of Email List and sending a newly published post to your Email list. Once you understand that Email Marketing is powerful, you need to take action. You should start collecting your visitor’s email addresses which you can easily use when you publish any new post.

You need to invest in a premium email marketing tool right from the beginning so that you can nurture the email list in a better way. I use and prefer ConvertKit as my personal email marketing tool. In case you’re wondering, here is a detailed review of ConvertKit that shows how you can use it to grow your list.

2. Share Your Post on Social Media

Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post

Social Media can be your second best traffic source if you know how to get huge social media traffic. If you are active on various social media platforms, I am sure you observed how influential people are getting good traffic to their websites and blog posts.

I highly recommend you to share your newly published blog posts on social media. I am sure you will have your social handles ready (if not then do it NOW). Make sure you share your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

You will need good engagement on your social media handles also to get good traffic towards your blog post. Make sure you follow Actionable Facebook Marketing Tips before getting started with social media promotion. Once you learn how one social media platform works, you can easily replicate/modify your strategies on other social media platforms.

3. Use Power of Question Answer Sites

Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post

The purpose of blogging is to solve problems and if you can really help people with their problems, you can get a good amount of traffic for sure.

You can use the power of question-answer sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Stack Overflow and many others to drive traffic to your newly published post. Question Answer sites can give you highly targeted traffic because those sites are meant to solve problems of people.

You just need to be active there and whenever you get chance to write an answer, you can include your website link naturally inside your answer. Chances are there that you will get your targeted visitors from your answer. Make sure you write proper, in-detailed answer and include your link naturally (if needed).

4. Internal Link Building

Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post
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Internal link building is a great way to build traffic and it is the way which is highly underestimated by many bloggers.

In internal link building, you just need to find out your high traffic posts from all your blog posts. Once you are done, you can add an internal link to such posts (if they are relevant to your newly published post) into your newly published post. This way, you can definitely build traffic to your new posts.

Again here you will get highly targeted and relevant traffic. Make sure you add links which are relevant. Don’t add any links without thinking because your links are not relevant then you cannot get any benefit from them.

5. Forums

Forums are another great way to get highly targeted traffic for your newly created blog posts. Here also, you need to a bit smart while doing promotion of your posts.

On Forums, people are searching for solutions and you can show them the best solutions via your blog post. Again make sure you include your link whenever it is necessary otherwise, a forum may ban your activities.

There are many internet forums available and if you are serious, I highly recommend you to be a member of them. You will get in touch with other people and you will have a chance to network with them. Just don’t join any forum for link sharing purpose only.

Here is one more secret thing I wanted to tell you:

While you create a new blog post, make sure you do your research on Question Answer sites and on Forums. Find out what kind of problems people are facing and try to solve them with your post. If you do it, you can easily share your posts on QA sites as well as on forums and get good chunks of traffic too.

So make sure you guys use above mentioned ways to promote your newly added articles and get traffic from them.

Do you want to know my secret to get heave traffic for my blog posts?

I am sure you can easily replicate it for yourself too.

Let me share it with you over here

My Secret Way to Get Traffic Towards Newly Published Post

Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post

I am quite active on various social media platforms and thus, I have some good network of people in my niches. So whenever I publish the new blog post, I reach to relevant people and request them to share my post via their social media profiles too.

Believe me, if you are having good relations with fellow bloggers, nobody will tell you NO.

You can also try the above way by networking with people. You just need to help other people and I am sure others will help you whenever you need.

Final Words on How to Promote Your Blog for More Traffic Once You Publish New Blog Post

Writing an epic blog post and getting targeted traffic for that epic blog post are two different things in blogging. You need good writing skills to write a good post while you need good marketing skills to promote a nicely written blog post.

If you cannot promote your blog posts then you cannot get a good amount of traffic and that’s for sure. So don’t stop your efforts after publishing your blog posts and start promotion using above mentioned ways.

Do you know any other promotional ways to promote new blog post? If yes then do let me know via comment. Do share this post with your friends too.




  1. Hi Nayan,
    You article great, easily understood and if one should implement them correctly, the results can be amazing. For example, word of mouth has worked well for me. Either by email, text, or whatever channel i can reach or communicate with my network of blogging friends and audience and tell them to share me new post, they always comply.

    All other tips are breathtaking as well, such as the use of Quora.

    Thanks for sharing!


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