6 Proven Factors You Should Focus On Developing Authority Sites in 2018

Are you planning to start a new blog?

You found 4-5 low competitive keywords and you are planning to build 6-7 pages micro-niche blog.


Let me ask you a simple question. Will your micro niche blog can beat the authority sites in SERP?

Hmmm… May or May not be.

After working on several micro niche blogs, I came to know that you must develop authority in your niche to beat your competitors anytime. That’s the right way to build your online presence in your niche. So, I researched and starting building authority websites instead of those 3-4 pages micro niche sites.

And now I earn more with less work. And so can you!

There are various factors that prove that building authority sites should be your first priority. As not all of them can be explained at once, here are the top 6 factors. Most of them are explained based on my personal experiences. Have a look at them and earn more with less work 😉

6 Proven Factors You Should Focus On Developing Authority Sites in 2018

1. Google Rank Brain

Proven Factors You Should Focus On Developing Authority Sites in 2018

If you are serious about SEO on your site, focus on optimizing for Google Rank Brain.

You know why?

Well, recently Google announced that their Rank Brain is one of the most important factors for ranking. And it’s becoming more and more important every other day.

Google Rank Brain is a program based on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Google uses this AI to filter search results and rank web pages. Based on the keyword, it decreases or increases the importance of content quality, domain authority, backlinks, etc.

15% of the Google searches have new keywords that can’t be identified easily.

But this AI tries to show you the best possible result.

In case you loved that webpage, it will rank the page.

Otherwise, it will try some other result when next time the same keyword is searched. In this way, it changes the algorithm on its own.

  • Now you know that Google understands your keyword better than before. So tweak your keywords.
  • Instead of focusing on long-tailed keywords, focus on one medium tail keyword.
  • Medium tail keywords get a good enough search volume and aren’t insanely competitive.

For instance, if you optimize your page for a single medium tail keyword, Google Rank Brain will rank you for hundreds of similar keywords.

In short, focus on a medium tail keyword and optimize your page for it. Then wait for Rank Brain to do its job 😉

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2. Be Relevant to your Topic

As I have told you that you should focus on the medium tail keyword. This factor is alike that.

  • You should be relevant to your niche.
  • Don’t publish irrelevant posts on your blog. It won’t impress your readers or the newcomers to your site.
6 Proven Factors You Should Focus On Developing Authority Sites in 2018
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For instance, you choose to write your smartphones and its accessories. Don’t go on writing for laptops or any shit like that.

Just like this, you should be relevant to your topic.

  • Do keyword research and look for the keywords that suit your topic the best.
  • You should try to focus on medium tail keywords and optimize your page accordingly.
  • This will make Google’s AI understand your page better and rank it up.

3. Brand Building

6 Proven Factors You Should Focus On Developing Authority Sites in 2018

Credit: https://extendperformance.com/importance-of-positive-brand-building/

The brand building is one of those factors that most of us neglect. Even some are not well aware of the actual meaning of “Brand”. Well, you should consider as well.

It’s not about just putting a nice fancy logo.


Not only publishing SEO friendly quality content but optimizing your page is more important. This is one of the factors to rank as well.

The brand is everything! From your logo, tagline, crew members, advertising strategy, the design of your site, customer services, etc. everything is brand.

It expresses the core of your site and what its actual value is.

But why is brand building actually important?

Well, with a strong brand identity, you can attract more and more daily visitors to your site. This builds your credibility and motivates you to deliver better content than before.

You might have heard that, Businesses that are a well-branded standout! So should you.

Build connection and trust with your audience. How to do so? Well, look at these points:

  • Brands that understand what their audience is looking for, can serve better.
  • Brands that communicate with their audience and ask them to look for their social media accounts, can serve better.
  • Try to ask for feedbacks and solve their queries.
  • Try to be responsive to the audience.
  • This will generate trust among your audience. Also, it will Increase awareness among old and new visitors as well.

For example, I cover Blogging, SEO, WordPress and Social media related content on Betterinfoview and for that, I’m building the brand in these niches to develop an authority site over time.

4. Natural Backlinks

If you are into SEO for a while, Link Building is one of the most common advice that you get.

With passing time, the algorithm of backlinks has also changed. Before, even the low-quality links helped in ranking. But that’s not the case now!

  • You should have backlinks from quality sites.
  • Those backlinks should be contextual.
  • Get backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites.
  • Create backlinks to individual pages and posts along with your homepage.
  • Try to get organic links from other sites. You will rank higher in searches.

If you are blogging for a while, backlinks help you in a lot of ways. They help you in indexing a new website in searches. It will get you referral traffic. And this referral traffic has a lower bounce rate. Apart from this, the natural backlinks help search engine bots to rank your site with ease.

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5. More Money in Long Run

As compared to the sites focused on earning, that is full of ads. The authority sites work far better. They will help you in long run.

The sites that are full of ads and clicks do not work out well nowadays. Nobody, including me, wants to visit them.

They are irritating and annoying. So, take some initiatives to make your site an authority site. This will help you in long run and you’ll earn more.

  • Try to put more and more informative content.
  • Focus your niche well and don’t get out of it.
  • Try providing links to the products. Better use affiliate links 😉
  • Interlink your pages to decrease bounce rate.
  • Do keyword research with full potential
  • Try using medium tail keywords more as compared to long tail keywords.
  • Do marketing by sharing on social media.
  • Build a brand and generate trust among your audience.

All the above-mentioned points will help you in ranking your site.

Thus, Google will get to know your site more. And at times, you can rank within minutes on top, after publishing :”)

In this way, you will get more and more audience. More audience means more clinks on ads. And this more money :p

All this will help you in long run. I have personally ranked 2 websites. It has helped to earn a lot with less work.

6. Selling at High Price

Now when you have built an authority site, it has become a brand. You can sell it at a very high price depending on a few factors:

  • Daily traffic on your site
  • Quality of traffic
  • Social Media traffic
  • Domain authority and Page authority
  • Backlinks
  • Rank on Google
  • Keywords ranked on different search engines
  • Reviews of website
  • Design of the site

These are the most important factors. You can look for some other as well. But remember, don’t forget any of these!

Final Verdict

Well, this was pretty much it for the factors that prove that you should focus on developing authority websites.

This will help you in long run. So ahead, strategize well and build one of the best authority sites. Best wishes to you from our team.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank you!

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  1. Hi Aakash,
    Great content you have here. I love the idea of doing keyword research. Keyword research and break or make your content and website a success or failure. But how do you perform keyword research? Simply by monitoring your competitors to find out the types of keywords they’re ranking for and make a list of those keywords. LSI keywords are not left out as they are related. Keywords that are similar in meaning. These types of keywords have the potential to rank high on Google. If your site is already ranking for some keywords, brainstorm those keywords and create content around them.
    Build a brand and generate trust among your audience is also an amazing way to build a successful authority site. But how do you build trust with your audience?
    By communication with them across social media sites and on your blog – respond to comments, answer their questions if any, conduct survey to increase engagement on your site, etc. You did a great job on this post. Thank you.

  2. I have a blog on arithmetic. Please tell me how to do on-page optimization for that content. I can do Seo for an ordinary post with the help of Yoast SEO. But how to do on-page optimization for this kind of content ?


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