PUBG Mobile Requirements For Android And iOS

Now, even if you would have gone to a long sleep and have just-woke-up, there are still chances that you might already know about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG! And honestly, you can’t even give an excuse saying that you are not a gamer, as the game itself is indeed everywhere! Be it on T.V or on memes, you might have seen it at least once. But if still not, then PUBG is an online game which has taken the world and the internet on a storm. Now, going back to a little history, the game was first launched on Microsoft Windows back in March last year and has since been made available for major gaming consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But-but-but, PUBG truly gained its new heights and broke every record when it was made available for smartphone platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Now, if we go by the numbers, then the game has as many as 100 million downloads on Android so far! However, even with its immense popularity, there could be some smartphone users out there who have not even downloaded PUBG Mobile yet! And if you are someone who goes in this list but now you want to know what the hype is about. Then download the game on your smartphone devices right away! But, before going, don’t you think you should know that whether the game will work on your device or not? As even though the game is completely free to download but it is a high-end game and needs certain requirements. So, don’t scratch your head over this because we have got you covered. As in this guide, we have mentioned the PUBG Mobile requirement for Android and iOS.

PUBG Mobile Requirements for Android:

So, if you have an Android device (smartphone or tablet), the game will require Android version 5.1.1 or above. As far as hardware requirements go, your device should minimum have 2GB of RAM and almost an equal amount of space to run the game properly.

PUBG Mobile Requirements for iOS:

Now, PUBG Mobile is indeed compatible with a vast array of Apple devices. It includes iPhone XS Max, iPhone 5S, and all other iPhones in between. It’s also compatible with most iPads, ranging from iPad 2 to the latest iPad Pro (2018).  But the must-have requirement is that your device should be running iOS 9.0 or any version up from that.

How to Download PUBG Mobile in Android:

Now, downloading PUBG in an Android device is as simple as downloading any other application. Just go the Google Play Store, search for PUBG and then install it, that’s it you are good to go.

Download PUBG Mobile From Play Store

How to Download PUBG Mobile in iOS:

In Apple devices, you can download PUBG by simply logging in to the App Store.

Download PUBG Mobile From App Store

Suggestions for a Better Gaming Experience of PUBG Mobile:

  • Now, keep your phone charged by at least 20%. As the long-running average game will reduce your charge by about 10%. Also, if you are playing the game continuously then do make sure you are playing it without the mobile cover. Because there are chances your phone might get heated.
  • Another recommendation is that, if you are playing the game on your smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth keyboard or joypad, then your game control will get better. As for a majority of people, touch controls don’t work properly for FPS games. So, Bluetooth keyboard or joypad is a smart solution.
  • This recommendation will surely be the one that many players already follow. But if not then, if you get tired from playing, just hide in the grass, this way other players will not notice you.

So, above were the minimum requirements of PUBG Mobile for both Android and iOS. Now, bear in mind, that the mentioned specification are just the minimum requirements. So for a better and smooth gaming experience, you need maybe 4 GB Ram for Android devices. And for iOS devices, iPhone 7 or above will give better gaming experience than the older version of Apple devices. And also apart from requirements, PUBG is an online multiplayer game, so for it to run smoothly, the game needs a good and stable internet connection.

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