PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0 to introduce ‘Darkest Night Mode’

Paying no heed to the on-going controversies, Tencent games is all set to launch a new update for PUBG Mobile in 0.12.0 version. Also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG will add a new game mode christened Zombie: Darkest Night along with a fresh version of Survive Till Dawn event.

The 0.12.0 update patch notes mention two new zombie additions (zombie dogs and jumping zombies). They will help climb over low walls and on building roofs. Apart from this, the new update also includes new weapons such as liquid nitrogen grenades, RPG-7 and Jungle Style Magazines and some new modifications to the spectator mode and crosshair settings. Also, Players can now be part of the match by just observing their friend’s, crew’s or their member’s matches. Moreover, gamers will also get the ability to change 2x scope and 3x scope, the color, and shape of the red dot and holographic.

The battle royale game’s new Zombie mode will be a bit distinctive in comparison to the Survive Till Dawn mode. Players will be in Erangel and should survive for straight 30 minutes during the night and only those who last till the end will be announced as winners.



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