PUBG update 0.13.0 brings Godzilla Theme, Crew Challenge Update and more

Fans of the world famous PUBG game can rejoice as Tencent Games released a new update in the form of 0.13.0. The update brings a slew of features and improvements. The highlight of the update is a Godzilla theme, Team Deathmatch mode to EvoGround, a 3rd party app prevention to detect cheating, and replacing permanent deaths with respawning right in the battlefield.

The Crew Challenge Update introduces a 6-match option in a day, which was earlier restricted to 5. Players will also receive a notice 10 minutes prior. Players can buy new items in the crew shop.

Tencent Games partnered up with Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters to bring the Godzilla theme in PUBG. Players can now use special skins, clothes, and a game theme. All the item will be available in the inventory section.

Team Deathmatch is another update that players globally have been waiting for. In this mode, two squads of four players could fight each other if they want to. Also, players who die in this will be respawned immediately. The other most essential update is the points for killing players. If you kill a player on the battlefield, you’ll receive 1 point. So the first team to score 40 points will be the winner.

The Survive Till Dawn and the Darkest Night mode also receive changes in this update. There will be 4 new types of zombies which replaced the old ones, speaking of which,  Skinner zombies can now slow the players nearby. Also, the police station is replaced by a factory on the map.

Other changes are in regards to the FPP controls. Players now get different settings for Third Person Perspective (TPP) and First Person Perspective (FPP). There will be different settings for both modes.

Aside from these notable changes, there are some general changes in the update. For instance, if players are killed by friendly, you get to decide if the team player loses merit or not. Players on Vikendi will now leave trails, tire tracks, and footprints on the snow.

Recently, PUBG celebrated 400 million downloads, which it compared to being as huge as the third-most largest country.



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