Punjab lawyer compares PUBG Mobile to drugs, files PIL

Will the game get banned in Punjab?

Punjab-based lawyer HC Arora has filed a PIL against PUBG Mobile trying to ban PUBG in Punjab. According to a report, the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had sent a communication to HC Arora who is an advocate from Chandigarh who had earlier approached the Punjab and Haryana High Court seeking a ban on the game in the city.

Punjab lawyer compares PUBG Mobile to drugs, files PIL
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The PIL says, “School going children who are losing interest in studies have become addicted to the game. The parents of such children are helpless. In case they insist the children to stop playing it, they become aggressive and go into depression.” The game was shortly banned in certain parts of Gujarat and Chennai.

The game was also banned by the Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal on March 6 who released a notification that read, “It has come to our notice from various media that PUBG game, MOMO challenge is leading to a violent attitude among youth. The game is also having an impact on studies as well as behavior, conduct, and language of children and youth… Keeping in mind public safety security and to maintain law and order, I hereby impose a ban on playing PUBG game.”

In Nepal, the game was banned at the request of the country’s federal investigation agency. The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) ordered ISPs, mobile providers and network service providers to block the game. Later, the Supreme Court of the country stayed the Government order that banned PUBG Mobile.

Some studies have also found that video games don’t have any effect on people’s tendencies towards violence. The most recent study at Oxford University where the researchers claimed that their findings were opposed to popular belief.


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