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( RankActive Review )

No matter whether you are a small business owner or the master of your field, you are surely going to invest your time and money in something known as SEO. I mean now in 2017, it is evident that if you want to grow your online business, you need to have a Strong Search Engine Presence behind your back.

New Fads in SEO are mounting every year, and if you want to rank high on Google you’re apparently going to need a phenomenal, all in one tool to monitor your backlinks, compare your analytics, manage your keywords data, spy on your competitors, improve page rankings for better On Page / Off Page Optimization. That is exactly what RankActive provides. In this post, I am going to do RankActive Review, the all-in-one SEO software.

So, let’s just begin

Introduction to RankActive

RankActive is a popular all-in-one SEO software platform for SEOs, Webmasters, and Online Marketers. RankActive lets you track your online presence, spy on your rivals, keep an eye on your online business and improve your search engine rankings. It is an all-in-one SEO Platform that comes with super exciting features such as Rank Tracker, Backlinks Explorer, Site Auditor, Website Analytics and more.

 It is a user-friendly software that helps you analyze the data and produce a qualitative report for your website.

Features & Products of RankActive

When you make a decision to buy any Marketing tool/software, it is essential not only to see how much the toolkit is going to cost but also to find out about the features you get with software. With RankActive you get a bundle of features & services, such as:

  • Rank Tracker
  • Web Analytics
  • Competitor Inspector
  • Site Auditor
  • Top Analyzer
  • Link Manager
  • Brand Monitor
  • Backlinks Explorer
  • Project Reports
  • White Label Options, etc.

Now, Let’s take a quick glance at the products you will be able to use with this SEO software.

1. Rank Tracker

This is one of the most distinguished services offered by RankActive. With Rank Tracker you can easily track rankings of your site.

Other crucial parameters that you can analyze are:

  • Estimated Traffic Value:  The amount of traffic your website gets for specified keywords along with their positions and search volumes.
  • Average Keyword Position: Which is calculated by dividing the sum of keyword positions by the number of keywords.
  • Ranked Keywords: Number of keywords that are in top100, top10, top3, and top1.
  • Keyword Rank Checker: Check where your keywords rank on Search Engines.
  • Visibility
  • Search Volume and more.

RankActive Review

The information is divided into different sections namely Ranking Overview, Detailed view, Side by side view, Ranking distribution, Won vs lost keywords, Relevant pages, and Settings. All these sections are extremely useful for in-depth keyword analysis.

2. Analytics

After you connect your website with Google Analytics account, the Analytics product provides you all sorts of information about visitors, keywords, page views, conversion rates, etc.

RankActive Review

The product has five subdivisions: Audience Analytics, Traffic Sources, Content Analysis, Conversions & E-Commerce and Settings. Each section represents the precise information.

Audience Analytics section provides you all kinds of information about your site traffic and conversions. If you want to find out where your visitors came from, switch over to Traffic sources. This section will tell you about the sources and channels visitors use to reach out to your site.

3. Competitors

The product lets you spy on your competitors. It is divided into six sections: Traffic, Rankings, Visibility, Keywords, Backlinks and Competitors Settings.

The Traffic section provides you traffic details of your competitors i.e. the amount of organic, paid and social traffic they get. Rankings section shows you the competitors rankings for your targeted keywords.

RankActive Review

The Visibility section specifies two parameters (Estimated Traffic Value & Search Visibility Value) of your site as well as of every competitor’s website. Keywords section indicates the keyword position you and your competitors have for the same keyword on search engines.

4. Site Auditor

Site Auditor product helps you improve your site’s performance as well as search engine rankings. The main aim of this product is to find on-page errors on your website that are affecting your site’s search engine rankings.

RankActive Review

5. Top Analyzer

Want to know about the Top 10 websites in search engines for any keyword? Top Analyzer product is designed especially for this purpose. This product collects qualitative information that helps you build a healthy approach. Pick a search engine and a keyword; then this product will provide with the data of Top 10 websites in a search engine.

RankActive Review

6. Link Manager

Link building is the more severe art in SEO. With Link Manager product link building becomes effortless and safe. The Links list section provides you with the complete data about the total links on your site.

RankActive Review

7. Brand Monitor

Brand Monitor helps you to track the mentions and references of your online business and domain on the Internet, including news outlets, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Only paid users can get the benefit of this astounding product.

RankActive Review

8. Backlinks

Backlinks is an essential and precious element of SEO process. This option lets you control the backlinks to your site. This product has three sections: Backlinks Overview, All Backlinks and Broken Backlinks.

RankActive Review

Backlinks Overview section displays total backlinks to your site and the quality of backlinks.

The All Backlinks section represents the list of all backlinks that are directed towards your website. Along with that, it tells you about the total number of internal as well external links your site has.

Broken links are very harmful to your site’s presence on search engines. The Broken Links tool from RankActive provides you with a list of all broken links that are there on your site and secretly affect your search engine rankings.

9. Project Reports

If you want to analyze your site’s growth, you will find this very beneficial. This feature allows you to see all information that the tool has collected. A user can also view scheduled reports, receive Ranking, Analytics or Site Auditor reports.

These reports can be shared or downloaded in the Excel/PDF format quickly and at any convenient time.

RankActive Review

10. White Label Options

The White Label feature is one of the best features RankActive provides. Specify your domain name, and then this URL will give your clients access to authorization form.

You can also enter the domain name, title, and description along with the logo of your brand. Now you can send the reports to your clients directly via email.

RankActive Review


To earn a high position in search engine result pages (SERPs), it is essential for your business to be search engine ready. For that you will need a SEO tool that will boost your rankings in Search Engines. RankActive seems to be a right choice for those who want to monitor their backlinks, compare results, spy on competitors, improve page rankings, etc.

With this post, I have tried to cover most of the products and features Rankactive offers to users.

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