Realme India CEO ‘caught’ using an iPhone

It is a common practice for CEOs and celebrities to use the iPhone as there have been several who have been ‘caught’ using the same. The list includes Samsung’s ex-brand ambassador in Russia Ksenia Sobchak, Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, tennis icon David Ferrer.

Realme India CEO Madhav Seth on November 16 tweeted about a new update for Realme 3 and 3i. Upon a closer look, ” Twitter for iPhone” could be clearly seen at the bottom right of the tweet.

Realme India CEO 'caught' using an iPhone
Image Source: Times Of India

However, there are chances that it may not be him who tweeted with an iPhone since a publicity team maintains several top official accounts. There are possibilities that someone from the team tweeted about Realme 3 and 3i updates using an iPhone. But if it is true, he joins the list of people who have made mistakes using an iPhone when they were actually representing some other brand.

Moreover, OnePlus brand ambassador Robert Downey Jr.–who plays Marvel superhero Iron Man in the live-action films was caught using Huawei P30 Pro. Also, brand ambassador of Huawei, actress Gal Gadot was ‘caught’ when she tweeted about a new Huawei device using an iPhone.

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