10 Reasons You Would Be Migrating To Blogbeats Blogging Platform

BlogBeats is a technologically advanced blogging platform. Their mission is to help bloggers, writers, organizations and influencers like me and you to get more exposure. While we focus on writing and publishing our articles; they take care of the rest.

I signed up to BlogBeats a month ago. Here are a few features that make blogging enjoyable at BlogBeats.

BlogBeats – World’s First Geo And Time Tagged Blogging Platform

#1: First Geo-Time-Tagged Blogging Platform

Unlike other blogging platforms, BlogBeats works with location and time.

Every post or presentation that you create, you are asked to mention the location where the post is written or targeted at.

Tagging your posts with time and location makes it accessible to people in the location that you want to target.

Not to mention, this feature helps you advance your SEO goals.

Geo-and-time tagged blogging is useful for organizations who have products or services to offer to a specific geographic target market or news that is relevant to a city or a country.

BlogBeats – Beat louder

#2: Private Or Public Blogging Options

Most blogging platforms, make all your posts public for the world to see.

Organizations or education institutes can use the private blogging feature at BlogBeats to keep their blog posts private just for their associates to see.

If you’re a writer working on your book; Instead of sharing your draft copies on public platforms like Medium, you can choose to limit the visibility to your friends and family at BlogBeats.

You get to choose who can see your content, this makes BlogBeats a powerful and secure platform for sharing confidential announcements.

#3: Supports Multiple Languages

Most of the blogging platforms support creating content only in English.

Blogbeats is a multilingual platform. You can choose from 7 different languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and more.

#4: User-Friendly

I find BlogBeats user-friendly. While we focus on writing and publishing articles, they take care of all the technical hassles – SEO, mobile responsiveness, loading speed, submitting to search engines, etc.

On other publishing platforms like WordPress, you need to install dozens of plugins to optimize your blog posts.

#5: BlogBeats has 200+ Categories

BlogBeats makes it easier for you to find content by providing 200+ categories. With so many categories to choose, you get the content that is best tailored for you.

You can list your own articles under appropriate categories and sub-categories.

#6: Mobile Responsive

With so many different screen sizes available in the market, it is tough to fit your content according to each device.

BlogBeats is completely mobile responsive and your content is automatically resized and displayed according to the device on which the content is viewed.

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You do not need to worry about fixing the size of your layout and design or get into the code. With BlogBeats, you just need to create your content and it takes care of the rest.

#7: Automated SEO Submission

With all other blogging platforms, you have to manually submit your site and blog posts to search engines to help improve your rankings.

Most of the bloggers who just want to blog have no idea that they need to submit their sites to search engines to improve their visibility.

What I like most about BlogBeats is that it automatically submits all your posts and presentations to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You no longer need to worry about submitting the link to your posts.

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#8: Find Latest, Trending And Popular Posts

BlogBeats records the number of views, the number of hand picks, the time spent reading and many other metrics.

The analytics allow BlogBeats to find the posts that are most popular and trending.

By having such powerful analytics, their algorithms offer you the best content to read.

BlogBeats Shows You Latest, Trending And Popular Content From Your City

#9: No Pesky Plug-Ins For SEO And Social Sharing

One of the major advantages that BlogBeats has over other content publishing platforms is its in-built plug-ins.

BlogBeats platform comes with tools to help you improve the SEO of your content. So, you do not need to learn what Search Engine Optimization is or spend time fixing your posts.

BlogBeats has SEO features inbuilt which help you get better ranking in search engines. Along with SEO, there are inbuilt features for social sharing so that you do not need to manually find and install plug-ins.

#10: Auto Publish To Social Account

BlogBeats makes it very easy to share your content across your most loved social media platforms.

Instead of you having to copy paste and share links on social media sites, BlogBeats does that for you. You simply add your accounts from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to share your content automatically on these platforms.

So, every time you create a blog or a presentation, simply select the social media platforms where you want to share your work. BlogBeats then shares the content on those platforms automatically.



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