6 Reasons to Leave Your Internet Provider

If you’ve ever wanted to ditch your ISP, this article is for you. While there are likely dozens of reasons why you’d want to leave your ISP, these six reasons are some of the most common. ISPs aren’t exactly known for their impeccable customer service, nor the quality of their equipment or connections. The internet is an important factor in modern life, and without it, we would be disconnected from our friends and family and the world at large. Here are six reasons to leave your internet provider as soon as possible! 

1. Price Hikes 

ISPs love to hike prices and hide fees in their service contracts. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a price hike or hidden fee, you know how frustrating it can be when you’ve budgeted a specific amount of money to your internet service. Price hikes can make your internet service more costly, and often, those price hikes come out of nowhere. ISPs use any reason they can think of to tack on fees and price changes. You might find that you were only getting the “intro” price, and within a few months, your bill nearly doubles. 

Internet services shouldn’t be changing prices every other month. Likely, your ISP is simply trying to get as much money as possible out of its customers, and those hidden fees are nothing more than a money grab. Be sure to keep an eye on your bill, and when your ISP starts getting greedy, move on to a service that values its customers. 

2. Faulty Equipment 

If your ISP has provided you with an outdated modem or router, you’re likely experiencing the frustration of faulty connections and constantly broken connections. Many ISPs claim that you must use their equipment only, charging extra rental fees to use their faulty routers. This is a favorite tactic among the larger ISPs, who claim their services only work with proprietary equipment. 

Choosing a local internet provider might be a better option if you’re feeling frustrated with the big five. You can find local internet service providers on internetadvisor.com

3. Poor Customer Service 

Have you ever called your ISP’s customer service line, only to be continually transferred to different departments, put on hold for hours on end, or told there was nothing that could be done to solve your issue? This is nothing new when it comes to ISPs and something that customers all over the nation are growing tired of. 

If your ISP doesn’t value customer service now, it’s unlikely it will in the future. It’s best to simply choose a better provider than to fight with your current provider for better customer service. 

4. Few Options 

Having many options available to you from your ISP gives you flexibility when your needs or budget changes (which will likely happen). ISPs that only offer a few services are neither flexible nor able to meet the changing demands of their customers. What if you want to upgrade your service? Or downgrade? Or choose something different? If you don’t have options available, you’re stuck with whatever you’ve signed up for. If you can’t afford your service anymore, you’ll likely be forced to pay a fee to disconnect or end your contract early. No one wants to feel stuck in such a way, and with the ever-changing ISP market, a company with few options is unlikely to thrive anyway. 

5. Better Local Options 

Luckily the US is home to over 2,000 ISPs both large and small, so you’re not stuck with the largest (and usually the worst) providers. There are likely to be many local options available, especially if you’re in a big city. You don’t have to sign on with a large corporate entity, but rather with a local business that will likely be more friendly and attentive to your needs. 

The focus on local businesses has been much greater in recent years, and many consumers actually prefer a small business because of the friendlier environment. Check your local listings to see if there are any smaller ISPs in your area. 

6. Slow Speeds 

With current internet demands, speed is important to the business and the home. Faster internet speeds mean faster downloads, uploads, and greater efficiency. If your ISP can’t offer modern speeds for your home or business, it’s probably a good idea to move onto one that can. You don’t want to get stuck with dial-up speeds in an age where terabits of information can be downloaded in just seconds. 


Choosing to leave your ISP can be difficult, especially if you’ve been with the company for many years, but it’s a decision you must make if you meet any of the criteria we’ve discussed so far. Don’t let yourself fall behind by staying with an outdated ISP! 

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